Aug 27, 2015 - Read if friends can't access EMC

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  1. ===== Time Warner Cable Outage - August 27th 2015 ======

    Time Warner Cable, and potentially other ISP's, are having a massive Internet Outage at this time.

    Most reports are on the East Coast, but also Texas and a lot of California.

    Essentially, ISP's have agreements on being able to talk to each other, but sometimes those connections on a technical level crash.

    So think about it like the phone system. If the line that connects your city to another city is cut, you can still talk to your local city members but not others.

    That's essentially whats going on.

    There's absolutely nothing we can do about this. This is a global failure of the Internet Infrastructure, so we have to wait until some very stressed engineers resolve the issue.

    Please pass on the word to anyone unable to connect.

    Map of outage:
  2. I shall pass the information to everyone who asks :) thanks for the update!
  3. Oh ok. I thought my internet was crap. I reset the modem, then the router. It was able to establish connection after I reset the router.
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  4. Nothing yet.
  5. They should switch to At&t ...
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  6. Good for now but will continue to monitor.

    Thanks for the heads up on this matter Aikar.
  7. Wow, I'm doing fine here. Lol, the ads on that site keep covering the map...
  8. I am included on that outage map and yet my TWC internet is doing just fine. Hmm maybe just my node is luckily unaffected?

    EDIT - I am literally 2 blocks away from the outage. My node is lucky!

    EDIT2 - I suspect if you use a VPN in your area then you might still be able to connect since it'd be going through another ISP that you're able to locally connect to?
  9. I'm pretty sure this is how the Apocalypse will begin. People will go insane because they can't talk to other people over the Internet, causing massive riots, etc.
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  10. The End? Welp, time to Start Looting *Grabs Brick* ;)
  11. Itz lootin' season
    *Grabs own iPhone*
    No law can challenge me!
  12. Although I am not affected by any of this, I hope things get resolved soon. Thanks for the heads up, Aikar. :)

    Silly Ameripoors and their peasant internet.
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  14. I'm able to connect :)
  15. I don't think this is the issue with my connection... more like my Modem randomly reboots :l
  16. Don't act like internet in the EU is much better >.> Sky and EE are pretty much on the same level, Sky being a tad above the cut, and I'm not sure about the rest of the EU but my understand is that most of the EU ISPs are just as garbage as US ones.
  17. Time Warner assured me in July that I'd be getting 300 megabit by August, I contacted them about it a week ago and they told me that my area was put off until 2016. Screw you too Time Warner.
  18. I kid, I kid.
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  19. Sky is so bad that they literally give their internet away for free...
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  20. Yeah.. I've heard they're still better than some but I also heard they throttle you like no tomorrow during peak hours. At least with Time Warner you get the speed you pay for almost all the time, assuming you have the proper networking gear to support it. I still despise that they told me I'd get 20x my current speed by August and then they just completely shove me to the back of the line by 6 months..