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  1. Item: Promotional items
    Starting Bid: 1000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: 48 Hours After Last Valid Bid


    1x 2015 birthday cookie
    1x 2016 birthday cake
    1x Independence Day firework
    2x Empire Firework (2015 Fourth of July)
    2x Empire Firework (2015 New Year's celebration)
    1x 2015 Labor Bench
    1x 2016 Labor Bench
    1x 2015 Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bundle (Unopened)
    1x 2015 Cupid Bundle (Unopened)
    1x Chicken Skewer
    2x Mineral Mincer
    1x Scooooba Mask
    1x Dasher (Horse; Unused)
    1x Cupid's Bow
    2x Meteor Bow
    1x 2014 Headless Horseman mask
    1x Marlix's Leggings
    1x Stable voucher
    3x Vault voucher
    1x Pot o' gold
    1x Dragon Poop

  2. 22,222r
  3. 26,666r
  4. 35,000 rupees
  5. 200k, I am assuming all items are unused even though it is only specified on some. Such items as the scoooba mask, mineral mincers and marlix leggings.
  6. Yes, all items are unused. I felt like I should specify for the horse because that's the only one to my knowledge that people can auction used.
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  7. Pots of Gold, too. For those it doesn't really matter whether they're used or unused, though, but I think used ones don't stack. (or they might be stackable when they gave the same amount of nuggets last time you used them, but that never happened to me. In each case, unused ones always stack.)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.