[Auction] Lime Jello drops

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  1. Auction item:

    1 DC of Slime Balls

    Starting Bid: 1000r
    Minimum bid increase: 100r
    Auction Ending time: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Item Pickup at 1215 on SMP1 near the black hand

    Remember: Slime balls will be useful in 1.8 when slime blocks are added for bouncing around. :D Big vat of lime jello anyone? :p

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  2. Lime? Could it be watermelon by any chance?
  3. Maybe. :p

    Also TomvanWijnen is in the lead with 5,100r
  4. Inuyasha1204 is in the lead with a whopping 10,000r!
  5. shavingfoam is in the lead with 15,000r
  6. Bump for the night
  7. 15,100. I'll throw my hat in the ring, that is until battmeghs decides to pop her head in :)
  8. Okay then Green_Mystery is now in the lead with 15,100r
  9. "As this auction continues, certain questions remain unanswered for instance is Green_Mystery gonna win this auction, will he have enough money to be able to buy the lime jello drops, And what will he do with them when he has them?

    Also What part will this strange fellow play in this story. And what of the object he clutches so carefully?

    An ordinary watch you say? Hardly, for it has a secret power, a bizarre power, the power to turn beavers into gold!

    Where did he come from, what did he want, and why was there a mid scene, did it reveal character, how was the story advanced? We may never know! But now.. on with the adventures of.. Freakazoid!" :p
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  10. Bumpidy Bump Bump
  11. Bump for the night. Seems like Green_Mystery will win at this rate. :O
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.