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are this to much

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POTATO 1 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. item, a SC of silk touch books
    two stacks of anderman heads
    a complete starter stet + getting start book
    5 zombie virus
    11 jeb_ sheep
    a spider,pigzombie,sheep and jelle68 head
    two zombie head
    a cupid's bow and a stack of arrow
    a dimont pick unbr 3 eff 4 fortune 3
    a iron horse amor, saddle and horse speed 101 jumb 87 and hp 20
    the music disc 13
    a dc of grass,stone and saddle (total 55 saddle)
    starting bid 40k
    minimum bid inc. 1k

    auction will ends 70 hours after latest vaild bid

    (sorry i can't make a picktiure)

    happy bidding :D
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  2. Sorry, but a lot of these items are invalid
    -The Jelle68 head
    -5 Zombie Virus's
    -The stack of arrows
    -The Horse and Horse Armor
    -The music disk
    If you want to remove these items the auction will be valid.
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  4. Invalid bid, arrows have to be in DC quantity, so do music discs and mob heads and the 11 jeb_ sheep and saddle. Also horse armour has to be auctioned in quantities of 7.
  5. Invalid Auction. Closing Thread now
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