[AUCTION] HUGE a lot of special stuff

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  1. item:
    a DC of saddle,stone,grass and silk touch books
    3 stacks of anderman head
    a complete starter set +getting start
    a cupid's bow
    a dimond pickaxe (unused) unbteaking III efficiƫntie IV furtune II
    starting bid
    starting bid 46k

    minimum bid increments 500r
    auction ending time 70 hours after latest VAILD bid

    (sorry i can't make a pictiure)

    happy bidding :D
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  2. bumb this is worth over the 60k
  3. Is that the Getting Started book? These are not allowed to be auctioned, Jack told me that the Getting Started books have to be sold in DC quantities, other than that I think this auction is good to go.
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  4. i don't know that but think that it is delete on this auction
  5. You can carry on just without the Getting Started book :)
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  6. yes I means that :D
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  7. One and only Bid,

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  8. bumb this is worth a lot more that this
  9. bumb anyone else?
  10. BUMB this is still ago
  11. SkareCboi wins with 47k I don't Like That price but he wins pay my all and also you get a jelle68 head if you wants it
  12. paid, just let me know where to pick it up from. I'll drop you my head too. cheers
  13. access chest made on 1145 smp1 on your richt
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