[auction] full starter items (this does not include soubound torches or bread)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Meower_Power, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. merch: starter items/tools/armour
    staring bid: 5k
    bin increase: 500r
    ends: oct, 10th, 12am (so last bid at 11.59pm 9th)

    the starter items include:
    amour: starter: helmet, chest plate, leggins, boots,
    tools: starter: axe, shovel, sword, pick.
    unbreaking III
    i hope the winner enjoys!
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  2. Might want to state what version as there are the original with u breaking 1 and new with unbreaking 3.
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  3. Your ending time is invalid and you don't have the correct number of items to auction. I think the assistant and book need to be auctioned in double chest quantities.
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  4. oh ill fix that
  5. ok so im removing the book and assistant
  6. You need to choose either 48 hours after last valid bid or the date with an EMC time.
    I fixed the book and assistant that you wanted removed.
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  7. You have to state the exact time, Like October 10th at 11:59pm for example...

    Plus you need to state the stats of the Armour/tools as there are 2 versions...

    Hope that helps, :)
  8. Now lets get this show on the road already!


    Nah, if he says Oct. 10 then that would imply: Oct. 10 0:00 EMC time in my book. The very start of the day. It would make it more clear if he'd specify, I agree.

    Disagree a bit. There are two versions but only 1 is specifically mentioned in the wiki section on starting gear. So if this is the (common) soulbound variant then I think all is well with this, if not... yah :p

    Either way...

    ShelLuser in the lead for starters gear, and I have no idea why :D
  9. Auctions must be exact in their specs, both the items and end time. Pausing this until a definite time is given.
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  10. auction now restarted
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  11. thamk you!
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  12. auction ends tommorow!

    pick up
    smp3 do /v THUNDER_CAT_101 behind the acacia tree ill set up an acees chest once iv been paid :)
  13. Shell_user wins!!!

    pick up smp3
    do /v thunder_cat_101
    crate is behind the acacia tree :)
    ill set up access sine when i get paid ;)
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  14. ok ill set up the chest!
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  15. Small issue: please spell my name right ;) its shelluser, without a space in between :) if you can fix that then I can pick up :)
  16. oh ok thanks
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