Auction, Enderdragon Egg (SMP3)

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  1. First off, this may look like any ordinary dragon egg, because it is. But at the same time, its SMP3's dragon egg and its finding a new owner.

    Auction will end exactly 5 Days from NOW.

    Because of time zones, I'm not stating the exact time in (xx am/pm), but just note it will end 5 days from when this is posted.

    If the top bidder cannot pay for it once the auction ends, the next top bidder, if able to pay, will get it.

    Please note that this auction will be carried out on the forums, and not in the actual game itself, but the purchase will be in-game. So do post here to bid.
  2. Did he bid 200,000 ? anyways, 30K
  3. 32k. That's all I got D:
  4. 33k =D Sorry
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  5. 38k
    When the auction is over. I will get 4 more daily =D
  6. 24Hours down. 96Hours to go...
  7. Want this...
    90K to start.
    Real bid - I can back it up. :)
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  8. Dang ... 91K. It sold for 95K at initial auction and soon dragon eggs will become common place. Think! D:

    (nurgle, are you from smp3?)
  9. Nope from 2.
  10. 98K not getting the egg means wasting a month of my life.. Uhg
  11. Gonna be a long 4 days...
  12. no you don't.

    NurglesRott has the highest bid at 110K