[Auction] Dragon Egg- By Vulcan Rares

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  1. Item: Dragon Egg
    Starting Bid: 200,000
    Bid Increments: 1,000
    End Time: 48 Hours after last bid
    Pick-Up: 9204 on smp4
  2. Assuming that is a normal dragon egg?
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  3. 210k :p
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  4. yes
  5. 300k

    You mad, bro?
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  6. >_>

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  7. 316k
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  8. bump come on guys...
  9. Bummmmp come on let's get this up to at least 350k
  10. Tidied up some posts, a reminder to people that you should only post in the auction if you are either bidding, bumping, or asking a question on the auction.
    Also, if you ever see anybody breaking these rules, please just use the report button, bumping the thread just to remind them of the rules can be just as bad.
  11. Bump come on guys u know this can go for more
  12. As in the rules, please make sure to keep bumps 3 hours since the last post.
    Any more rule breaking in this auction will result in the auction being closed and access to the marketplace forum being possibly removed, thank you :)
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  13. you win please pay then i will set up the chest
  14. Woooo thanks. :). I will pay you later today.
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