[AUCTION] DC of Smooth Stone or Stone Bricks, your choice.

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by 72Volt, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. Good day, EMC! I'm starting a business smelting Cobble. This is my first chest of Stone, made from Cobble bought from AlexChance for the exorbitant price of 3k-ish, using a smelter built for me by QuarterStop. Auction funds will be invested in moar cobble, hopefully from a cheaper source, and the expansion of my smelter!

    The DC contains 3,456 blocks of Smooth Stone, 54 stacks. Should you win the auction, you may avail of my crafting service free of charge, and have all the Stone crafted into Stone Bricks, or other items such as Stone Buttons if you so desire.

    The starting bid is 0r. The minimum increment shall be 100r, those who invite at least one other player to the auction are entitled to bid at a minimum increment of 50r.

    This auction shall end 48 hours following the final bid.

    May the bidding commence!
  2. 100r
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  3. 400r
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  4. Another bump!
  5. A third bump! Eight hours left, someone bid Leo up, I bought that cobble for 3k goddamnit :(
  6. 3k, but only if it still ends at same time.
  7. 1:23 AM, UK time, yes?
  8. I dunno, like 5 hours from now, ish. Or 721 cst
  9. Did i make it in time
  10. yes....an hour before it expired...all urs bud, i dont have time to wait another 48 hours.
  11. Y ay and thnx
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.