[Auction] Chickeneer's Children

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  1. I found this hidden cove filled with Chickeneer's Children after the battle was over and decided to take them away from him to prevent another battle breaking out.
    Dc of Chickeneer's Children
    Starting Bid: 5000
    Minumum bid: 1000
    Auction Ending Time:
    24 hours after last valid bid

    Funds from this auction are going to the player 's event fund!
    Pickup location: smp5 10004
    *Discloure: Normal items, only renamed; for fun

    *note: Funds from Auction will go to EMC Prize Pool for Future Staff Events.
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  2. Yuse guys are weird

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  3. 10k.. lol
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  4. 15k
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  5. For the cause...50k
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  6. awww luckycordel c:
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  7. 51k because I iz a baller
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  8. 56k because I want the spawn of chicken
  9. 61 because I iz a baller
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  10. 63k

    You may think this bid is illegal, but it's ok, because

  11. Oh and by the way Dra, now all your bids must be accompanied by a gif that is appropriate for the situation ;)
  12. If only permits could actually say that lol
  13. Please keep all posts in auction to questions for the bidder or bids. Ty :p
  14. 65k

    Fast Forward to me when I win this auction
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