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!!!#!!! THIS IS A TIMER NOT APOLL !!!#!!!

Poll closed Dec 30, 2012.
this is a timer for my auction, i have set it to 3 days. 11 vote(s) 68.8%
when this timer runs out the person with the highest bidd will win. 5 vote(s) 31.3%
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  1. Hello, this is my second chest of enchants and ide like to get the money quickly, thats why theres a timer.

    12X silkI effII
    2X silk effIII
    1X unbIII effIV
    2X unbI effI
    1X smiteIV knockbackII
    1X fireI sharpnessII knovkbackI
    1X sharpneddII lootingI
    pickup: res#6362 smp3.
    end of auction: 3 days after therad creation (timer ubove in form of poll)
    min bud increace: 150r
  2. What is the starting bid? Unless I'm missing it
  3. dam i forgot to put a starting bid... tom in the win with err.... 1r...
  4. Oh ok 1.5k
  5. And all of the picks and swords are diamond right?
  6. omg. You can win...
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  7. I probably wont, this is auction is going on for 3 days..someones gonna outbid me :O
  8. 2150000r? No, just no.
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  9. all undamaged diamond tools
  10. WoW WOW WOW!!!! wait; did you meen r or k?
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  11. I think r. I know roo isn't that rich. She's rich, but not that rich.
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