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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by DarkRanic, Nov 3, 2012.

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    • 1 Beacon Block
    • Starting Bid: 20k
    • 100 min bid increase
    • Auction Ends 24 hours from now

    Proff of Beacon Block: I have one set up at my res 18464 (smp9)
  1. 24h from now, or from last valid bid?
  2. Unless in the past few hours the rules have changed, this auction is invalid and against the rules.
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  3. as far as I am aware this is still a valid auction seeing how you must gather a nether star in order to make one of these. Until a final determination is reach by the Sr. Staff I will say this is valid.
  4. Its 24 hours from first post
  5. Dragon eggs are finite, Beacons are infinite. That other person had prior approval, so you should go through that process too. Its just part of the systematic rules, it keeps things running smoothly here.
  6. Auction can continue :)
  7. Since its approved, go ahead. But how does getting a nether start justify an auction? Was that stated somewhere recently? Last i heard, it was relatively easy to get a star as long as you farm the Wither Skeletons.
  8. I think they only generate in new fortresses, also a massive bukkit bug only allows them to spawn once, no more after you leave the fortress chunk - so I heard - haha :/ The approval will probably be dropped when this is fixed.
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  9. I believe this has been fixed Alex, but as I have yet to go to a fortress since the fix I am not 100%
  10. They are spawning at my Nether base which is center of a Nether fortress . Yes they spawn here and there many at intersection. I killed about 30 of them or so for last past 2 hours and only got one head out of it but i did get 2 heads within 5 minutes of each this morning. hope this helps :)
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  11. Aaaaand no one wants this beacon? It's at starting bid...
  12. The price will decrease over time and then it'll be a waste :)
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  13. But its the thought of having one of the first beacons and knowing your next door neighbor doesn't have one.

    I wish I would have thought to have an auction a couple days ago we had a few skulls before the fix, but the people holding them logged out and didn't come on until after. I could have started at 40k easy two days ago.

    Also it takes a whole lot of time to farm skulls, even with a looting 3 it can take over an hour. Then you still have to kill the wither. They are not going to be worth 40k in a couple of months but I'm sure they will be worth more than any ore. Atleast 600 for how long they take, and I bet people are going to fall in love with the jump boost on their residence. I see it as 150 each skull and 150 for killing it.
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  14. I know, and I only have 21k, so all my savings wood be gone. But let's not get off topic, shall we?
  15. 40k Sweetpezak is leading
    14 hours left
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