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  1. hi guys! today im going to auction a crazy amunt of items

    Items: 15DC of eggs, 2 DC of cake, 2 DC of cookies,6 DC of seeds (for wheat)
    Starting bid: 10k
    min bid increase: 100r
    ending time: 24 hours after last valid bi

    good luck
  2. Remember bump every 3 hours
  3. Dunderscore, I think you don't know so, but you may only bumb once every 3 hours, and scince the post before it was at 6:54 (my time) and it's 9:20 now, is this an Ilegal post :)
  4. u won! im on smp5 @/v dunderscore

    find me when im online because this is quite a bit of stuff :)
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  5. im done with the gold farm and im free atm, you can come pick up ur stff :D