[AUCTION] 72Volt's Best Friend and Stoves (DC of Lava/Furnaces)

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  1. We're auctioning off: A double chest of furnaces, and a double chest of lava
    Starting price: 500r
    Minimum bid increase: 100r
    Auction ends: 48 hours after the last valid bid

    A double chest contains 54 stacks/items (depending on item type). Lava looks pretty and makes good walls, but can also be used to smelt 100 items per bucket (and you even get the bucket back :D) using the furnaces.

    Pickup at /v CatAuctions on SMP5. Please pay this account if you win.

    You have 72 hours after winning the auction to pay.
    You have 14 days after the auction to collect your items. Delivery is available at a charge, PM Jcplugs and JackBiggin for info.
    If after 14 days you haven't collected your items or arranged for delivery, then we will re-auction what you won.
  2. Lol wat. 1k.
  3. Forgot to add this: Lava does not stack, so you receive 54 lava buckets. Furnaces do, so you receive 3456 furnaces if you win.
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  4. Tempted !
  5. NO!, you must do it with silly #s

  6. 1777r
  7. invalid! haha
  8. ninjad

  9. Oh, stop it you :3

    By the way, some key statistics from expert lava wall analysis:
    This set is able to make a lava wall 378 blocks long.
    This will reach 18.9% around the perimeter of SMP5's Wilderness Periodic Reset Area.
    It will take 5 double chests and 16 spare buckets to reach the whole way around the area.
    Have a nice day!
  10. You need approximately 80 to put a wall of lava around a standard res.

  11. Well, you would know those things wouldn't you lol
  12. Oh, didnt see that bid.....
  13. Goin' stealth on ya now. ;)

  14. BUT...... I want teh furnaces......
  15. Just saying. 2352r Would be against the rules to make a generic comment on an auciton without bidding. Though some leeway is granted I like to follow teh rulez. :cool:
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