[AUCTION] 4 DC's of Nether Wart

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  1. Hey EMCers! It's rburke5786 Owner of The Wooden Fortress on smp5. Welcome to my 26th Auction!

    This time it's for 4 DC's of Nether Wart, another thing I'm quite overstocked on. Again, I'm not expecting big $$$ so if you take em' for free that's fine with me. ;) I do have other auctions queued behind this one so the close time will be sooner than normal.

    Item: 4 DC's of Nether Wart
    Minimum Start Bid: 0r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 5r
    Auction Close Time: Wednesday, August 31st @ 12:00 PM CDT (1:00 PM EMC Time)

    Pickup Information: Per shop policy, payment is required first before the access signs are setup.(Security Reasons)
    Pickup Location: "/v 10225 auction2"
  2. FREEr :D
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  3. Thanks for checking out the auctions !!

    The current high bid is 10k or 10,000 rupees. The next valid bid is 10,005 if you would like to bid that feel free to post again with a valid bid :)
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  4. Bump!

    Thanks for pointing that out I was going to say that in this bump.

    TheDarkModRises (Formerly EffinBatman) is in the lead with 10,000r! Anyone willing to dig in their pockets a little deeper and out bid that?
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  5. i will bid 12k
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  6. Auction Closed

    Victory goes too belac555 with 12,000r!