[AUCTION] 2017, 2018, 2019 Promo Collection Clean Out and a Head -- 25 items total

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  1. Items up for bid:

    EMC Birthday Cake 2017 & 2018
    Indy 500k Rod (bought in 2018)
    Stuff Scooper 2017
    Holiday Axe 2017
    Blizz Ard Eye
    Blizz Ard Nose
    Blizz Ard Arm
    Friendship Blossom
    Haunted candy Bones x 5
    Haunted candy Flesh x 18
    Haunted candy Gunpowder x 6
    Haunted candy Pearls x 16
    Haunted candy Spider eyes x 3
    Empire Firework New Years 2017 & 2018
    The Reaper Halloween 2018
    Avalauncher x 2 (bought in 2018)
    Amareica 2018
    Comet 2017
    Can Opener Thanksgiving 2018
    Santa's Bag 2017
    Presidential pen 2019
    Zomberina head 2016 edition

    All items are unused unless otherwise noted. No minimum bid to start. Auction ends 36 hours after last bid made.

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  2. 2r
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  3. 150,001 rupees
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  4. Yasssss, I lurv them rupeees XD **bump bump**
  5. Hey Zomberina, just a reminder :)

    • You may bump your auction after 12 hours since the last post by anyone.
  6. Just a general reminder for all
    "All auctions for Custom Items must have the appropriate wiki page linked in the auction post."

    updating OP
  7. DrasLeona might win this sweet deal! **bumpbump**
  8. I want to use all theseā€¦ 155,001 rupees.
  9. I'd bid but I currently don't have the rupees to... what resource pack is that???
  10. 155,552 rupees
  11. Will Chum Miner win it??? We shalll seeeeee **bump bump**