[AUCTION] 1 DC of random heads

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Nach499, Jul 5, 2015.

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  1. Item: 1 Dc of random Heads
    Starting Bid: 100 r
    Minimum Bid : 100 r
    Auction ending time: 12 Hours after Last Valid Bid
    Dc Heads details and player heads
    catacalysm x1
    tigerbreath99 x12
    andrewthefrog x1
    starlord2602 x1
    monkeybunny321 x1
    starwars2005 x3
    forrestcountry x2
    poofasaurus x1
    zebrasmith x7
    tntfrog x1
    srhoel x 1
    erubiella x1
    panda_man_21 x3
    sikgamer x1
    codemister21 x 1
    lance2013 x4
    averagewalrus x1
    chief_mccloud x1
    harryvancamp x1
    cakester2000 x1
    courtney21007 x1
    pixebutt29 x10
    dismissedgumball x1
    phoenixfire1216 x1
    luckylollie22 x4
    jackwantscake x1
    thetwinshd x1
    epic_is_my_game x2
    justynn x1
    canman102903 x1
    xenomorphking44 x1
    ninjapepes x1
    megacoolcece x1
    fireplace9 x1
    poptartslyveon x1
    robobozo x1
    cj12115 x1
    siba x1
    militant12 x1
    8104sam x1
    seashellxoxo x1
    nach499 x1
    ajindy x1
    thejacers x1
    itsanicesunnyday x1
    jhall10 x1
    haley58 x3
    speedymcqueen x1
    hannahsmileyface x1
    malfoypotter x1
    moremoople x3
    balwking x2
    benthebobjr x1
    aidaneisawesome x1

    Pickup Is on smp7 at /v 15455
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  2. Verified by request OP.
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  3. ww2 pls <.<
  4. tehe

  5. //crı
  6. Don't make me pull a bang bang,

  7. *pew pew* Shots fired! 1400r
  8. Bang Bang, 3k
  9. invalid bid bidder dosn't have the money the current bid is at 31k
  10. Invalid comment as well. No offense: but for all we know you could be trying to scam Silver out of his bid. Comments like these should be made by the bidder, not by a bystander.

    There is another problem here: you can't back out of a bid.

    One way or the other: this needs to be solved by Silver him/her -self. NOT a bystander.
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  11. Would also be interesting to see how nach determined silver didn't have the money considering the number of rupees a person has isn't obtained through public commands.

    So bid stands at 32k?
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