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  1. Attention all! Some of the 1.8 snapshots have recently come out. The infinite villagers have always been a bug... And it has been fixed. This means the glowstone, redstone, emerald, and unenchanted diamond tool prices will go up. I do suggest you get up a large store of all the things you get from your villagers NOW BEFORE 1.8 is released.

    Edit: I have found a fix inn single player that I have tested, and I will be offering a fix for existing villagers that are infinite once 1.8 comes out.
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  2. I'm glad I decided not to buy any then. Thanks for the information!
  3. I thought the buisnesses that made them for people were way overpriced and it might take a while to get the villagers and keep despawning them and doing it over and over again, but it was like that before and it should be like that always.
  4. Glowstone and redstone will not technically go up since there are abundance of them and easy to find via wastelands or wilderness/nether. The only thing that will really rise is emeralds.
  5. But there are a lot of HAMSTERS like me who hate the nether. :p

    Also, Lapis lazuli prices may go up due to it being required to enchant.
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  6. Let's not use that word I changed for you there in the red. Either way, Glowstone and Redstone is still popular to acquire through wild or nether.

    All I know is that, Diamond, Gold, (mineral prices excluding redstone) will go up since they are required now to enchant certain books/armor. Iron being as worthless as it is, could even go up 1r xD
  7. I thought I heard that villagers that are already spawned cannot be changed because of the save file that they already have or something. Have they changed that now as well? Doesn't affect me as I don't have any (was going to get one though :p)
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  8. Yes, only newly spawned villagers are under the new changes, so there's hope.
  9. Hey Sam! Say bye bye to all your precious villagers! :p
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  10. Time to spend the next month or so trading 60DC of paper.... no use for that much paper once 1.8 is out....
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  11. Is it possible to move villagers between reses?
  12. On the same server. Get them in a mine cart and push them. Or use a lead.
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  13. I think they'll tp back to their home res after a few minutes, to stop people stealing them I think.
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  14. Really? I have transported villagers like this on utopia before.
  15. So when 1.8 comes out we will be ok as long as we don't destroy the infinite villagers we have at the minute? Right? :)
  16. Actually, I believe that the final trade does not refresh all the other trades anymore. The mechanics have changed.
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  17. It accounts for villagers simply wandering off residence, yes.
    but it appears to be for newly spawned villagers
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  18. Oh No. I guess it's time to trade. T.T
  19. If you already have an infinite villager, it won't go away. In 1.8, you can't make them anymore.
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