Attempt to Crash smp9

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  1. With the permission from JDHallows to attempt to crash smp9, my friend and I made a max height sugarcane farm, and some day, later this month, we are going to break the bottom piece of each sugarcane, and attempt to lag out the server, if this does not work, there is also still 5 DC's of sugarcane lying around my res.

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  2. I've managed to crash SMP9 before. Turns out sending a cross-server broadcast and getting over a hundred connections at once, and then all those people congregating in an area full of mobs is a great way to bring a server down.

    Crashing SMP9 is fun.
  3. Lol let's do it.
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  4. is there a reason 9 specifically?
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  5. Sounds fun but do 6 there will be less casualties :p
    I also almost crashed utopia
  6. Crashed stage a few times. Crashed utopia once (some would argue twice but I didn’t do it the second time :p) Crashed smp2 as a mod.

    Still a ways before I kick the king of #BrokeIt off his throne.
  7. Dang, throwing some shade!
    I had a massive utopia chorus farm. Couldn't break utopia but it definitely lagged me completely to the point of crashing minecraft.
  8. Lol awesome!
    The video is unavailable for me
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  9. Can we get a dev to livestream the console maybe? (Just to see how many errors actually come through)...
    The only issue with this would be some possible private things like players typing "/forumpass" etc. Or players finding out direct IP's and such.

    Just an idea
  10. I like your thinking but it isn’t doable due to privacy and confidentiality issues.
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  11. Just to clarify, the reason I said "go for it" was because the chances of this crashing SMP9 are basically zero. You will crash your own client before you affect server performance that much. So really, you're basically turning a 100 block radius into a no-fly zone, since essentially anyone that attempts to enter your res will either immediately crash or reach such low FPS rates that they basically are playing Minecraft with a flipbook.

    The Hamstar is familiar with this, since he once did a spawnmob command incorrectly, resulting in nearly 1000 zombies being spawned in one location. I can't recall if this was on Aikar's development server or on stage, but basically we both were reduced to around 2-3 FPS. It took me a while to get the command in to delete them all :p
  12. Well, I hate to say it, but this did not work, myself and EvilToade spawned in 3 of them and broke them all and I only dropped 3 frames :(
  13. Only because I play on 9 :p
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  14. You'll never get on my level... :p

    If you really want to crash a server: place a lot of sand high up on signs that all are connected to one block and remove that one block. It works all the time :rolleyes:

    The reason a server doesn't crash when you have a lot of items is because of the TPS flexebility (ticks per seconds, the amount of "steps" the game goes through every second) going down, which makes the server take more time ofr each calculation. In vanilla, there is a system that shuts down the server when the TPS is under 5 (it should be 20), with items, you are trying to get a constant lagg that has to dragg it down to 5, when you're using something like sand, you get a few ticks that are extreemly heavy, the amount of stuff that needs to happen in a second is more, though what needs to happen in total might even be less. You only care about what needs to happen in a few gameticks, because only a few need to be under 5 to make it shut down. :)

    I can proudly say I didn't ever crash EMC though, proudly because of the amount of high-end redstone I tend to do. (stuff you need to look into the game code for to understand why it works) I did once almost crash Stage when doing some worldediting (Let's just say a really big building needed a roof, and I was to layzy to do it with multiple commands). I think it's more of a chalange to make some really fast and complicated redstone that doesn't crash (or even lagg) a server, than to try and crash it. :p
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  15. Almost? Once?

  16. You did miss my point :p
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  17. I have yet to see someone crash smp8 :D
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  18. That was glorious
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  19. Do you mean that nobody has crashed SMP8, or that you just have not been online when it has crashed? Because I can think of very specific incidents involving chickens, cake and potions that each shut down SMP8 in their own unique way :p