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  1. Hi guys I've seen quite a lot of other members of EMC post these threads and thought well why not? So here it is the thread for you to ask me Stads anything at all!
    So without further ado please ask away!
  2. Favorite color?
  3. Blue
  4. US-Male 10
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  5. Where do you live @.@
    just kiddin.
  6. on average how much do you play emc per day
  7. What do u usually do in EMC now that ur res in full?
  8. cats or dogs?
  9. 7 or more hours
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  10. :eek:
  11. favourite game?
  12. Also you used to be a moderater why did u quit????
  13. Didn't you used to be a supporter?
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  14. Well I am from Australia...
  15. Do you like shoes? What is your shoe size? Do you like to eat spaghetti o's? Do you sometimes get confused with your shoes and put them on the wrong feet? How often do you say rawr? Do you like potatoes? How about french fries? Aren't nacho's the most awesomest thing in the world? Do you like cats? Dogs? What about hamsters? Are you intersted in having pet fish, or have fish? Do you know who I am? Do You Like Gir? Do You Like Invader Zim? Do You Obey Mini Moose? Do You Have Glasses? Do You Have Pets? How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? What is your favorite color? How about your favorite food? Do you eat citrus fruits? Do you like the color pink? What about the color purple? If you could dye your hair plaid, and it actually look plaid, would you do it? If ostriches could fly, would you be scared out of your mind? (I sure would.) What is your opinion on the Californian Condor? Do you go surfing? Do you have blond hair? Have you ever skateboarded? Are you... A Star Trek fan, or a Star Wars fan? Do you like Tomatoes?
  16. Hmm I'm gonna have to go with Penguins :p
    Dogs really but cats at close second :D
  17. OHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!
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  18. Minecraft... Duh
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