[PROJECT] Clock Tower

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  1. Hi all,

    As many of you may already know I live on SMP4 at residence 9088! I started building a clock tower there way back and have decided to rebuild it even better! I don't need any item donations as I already have loads but rupee donations are much appreciated as it will let enable me to buy resources when I need them. You can donate rupees by going to my residence and right clicking on the signs asking for you to buy EXTREMELY expensive dirt. You can also donate by typing the chat command: /r pay _Stads_ [amount]. Anyone who donates over 500r to my project will be added to the second wall of credits along with their amount.
    If you do donate over 500r to me please let me know in this thread so I can review my rupee history and add you to the wall of credits where you will remain forever!
    You can also get on the wall offering me great item deals and by assisting me in anyway throughout the construction!

    I will be posting dated screenshots explaining where I'm at in the progress of the build.

    When you spawn at my residence you will be under my clock tower if you wish to go to ground level please turn around and exit up the stairs. You can also see the clock tower by going to 9224 and looking to your left.

    Thank you in advance for your kind support with this project!
  2. :) 41 Wooden Slabs
    ;) 52 Red Wool
    :( 136 Black Wool
    :mad: 359 Stone Bricks
    :confused: 1720 Stone Slabs
    :cool: 556 Cobblestone Slabs
    :p 640 Whiye Wool
    :D 738 Wooden Stairs
    :eek: 926 Cobblestone Stairs
    :oops: 963 Glowstone Blocks
    :rolleyes: 954 Stone
    3966 Wooden Planks
    9464 Cobblestone
    *BobTheTomato9798- 3000r
    *ShaunWhite1982- 500r
    If you want be in this list you just have to donate at least 500r to me!
  3. I can't give you any rupees at the moment, but would be happy to donate some time to helping you build if you'd like.
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  4. Thanks I'll keep you posted!
  5. Can i help you build???
  6. Since you are a good buddy of mine, 3k to you ;)
  7. Sure I'll PM you if I need your help with something ;)
  8. Thanks bud I've added you to the Wall of Donators at my res :D
  9. On your profile page you say you need a silk touch pick. Do you still need it?
  10. Yeah that was old but I'm still interested...
  11. Hey I'll sell you wood slabs for 2r a stack just meat me on smp3.
    I've got about 5 stacks! Between NZT 4pm to 6pm.
  12. You should enter in the Top 5 Creations of the Week when you finish. The first one (Kickstarter) will be recieving submissions until July 16th and winners will be announced July 23rd. Anyways, good luck on the tower!
  13. Just incase I can't make that time could I trouble you to make me a private room to go into to buy it?
  14. Sure thing I'll be in there! Thanks for letting me know!
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  15. Hey There will be a private room in smp3 6495.
    I will load the chest up once you tell me how much you want and you have paid.
    The max I can sell you is 4 stacks. 4r a stack is the price.
  16. Alright I'll take it all so that's 16r?
  17. yes you can collect them once you've paid.
  18. 2012-07-11_09.47.12.png
    Progress is coming a long way in a short time I am leaving all rooms open for you guys to come and look around inside remember it's at 9088 on SMP4! I am also lowering the amount of rupees you have to donate to get onto the wall along with the fact that you can get on through doing item deals and assistance in any way :)
  19. I'm coming right now :)