Arminium, Wilderness Outpost!

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  1. Do you like living in the wild? Do you get bored of living in town on your 60x60 plot and want to have fun in the wild with a bunch of cool people? This is the place for you, Arminium!

    Arminium is a place where you can build freely and have fun with other members of the Empire. The outpost was established by me and is currently ran by me, but we would love for you to come and join us! Oh but samsimx, I am not good at surviving teh wildz, this is a place where you can survive and build freely in a safe environment!

    Sound interesting yet? Want to know how you can be apart of this group? Well if you missed out on my last thread about this outpost go check it out! You can post there as an application and the best part is everyone is accepted!

    The outpost is on Smp6, about 40,000 blocks out which may seem like a lot, but soon a nether rail will be established and you can just sit back and ride the rail. If anyone has any questions about the outpost feel free to ask here or on the last thread I made. It's located in a flower forest with a bunch of biomes around it, it's a beautiful terrain generation and I think this outpost will be a great thing!
  2. Coordinates will be sent out in a PM to everyone on the last thread
  3. I'll be on my way as soon as the coords have been sent. Is there anything specific that you would like me to bring?
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  4. Same looking forward to it... lets see maybe we find a mob spawner or something close for farm :p
  5. I haven't received the coords quite yet. When I get them I will be coming out right away!
  6. So does anybody need me to bring anything?
  7. I had to do 3 separate PMs cause you can only have 10 people per PM so that's why there's a small amount of people in your PM. Everyone got the same message though. Hope to see you all soon!
  8. Got the message. I'm already loaded up very nearby. :) So won't take long for me to get setup there..

    You have a layout/plan? I've seen the area, and i see what you are wanting to do. But will await the details before do anything.
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  9. Was considering cutting down all the trees and doing some terraforming the area so people can build easier, or just let people build and have roads paths to their places. Going to go by a popular vote of whatever people want more
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  10. OK, so no specific plan, just start building stuff. ok cool
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  11. Once I get there I plan to be at or about render distance to the next player(s).
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  12. I suggest we build farms of every variety :D
    A very efficient tree farm can be built with Withers... Please? :D Might be a bit dangerous but we can keep it far away as a precaution.
  13. Withers despawn on EMC, can't rename.
  14. Totally knew that.. alright
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  15. Only if you leave the area right? I mean, they stay so long as they are loaded yes?
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  16. See my name got chosen:cool:
  17. Yeah, if we get a good wither grinder, we could just make a new wither when we need it
  18. RE: Wither cobble/wood grinder.

    I am part way through testing this myself. I just haven't taken the time to finish and test it (i'm a moron, taking on far too many projects at once).

    The theory is:
    - You build it all, with a system to easily replace the wither whenever you come to use it.
    - You spawn a wither and begin using it, ideally for a long period of time.
    - Before you leave the area or log out, you kill the wither using a risk free process, and get the star.

    And in 1.8, i believe you can create golems and withers using pistons/dispencers? Which would make the process even easier.

    So basically, this doubles as a nether star farm, as well as full-auto cobble farm, and semi-auto wood farm.

    I'm not 100% sure this would be more efficient than simply mining cobble/wood though. With the complexity involved in replacing the wither. and possible risk of loosing the wither due to timeout or server reset etc.
  19. I have a wither wood / cobble farm built on smp3, I was afking all day but reboots / resets make the whole thing not really worth it to be honest, manually chopping trees and mining cobble with haste II is a lot easier.
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  20. Start of a town hall :D 2014-02-16_10.49.44.png
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