Are you ready for 1.9?

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  1. With 1.9 suspected to come soon, are you prepared for 1.9? with it's change to combat, (affecting PvP a great deal) the End, along with some new enchantments only available via dungeons (Mending and Frost walker) and the new igloo dungeon.
  2. My adventurous body is ready for the new dungeon.
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  3. My adventurous body is ready for the end.
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  4. I'm just glad the wither skeleton farm I built will still work in 1.9 with only a few small changes to the crusher.
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  5. ^^^ That too
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  6. Flaming poison arrows in pvp.
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  7. I would like to think I am, I have played around in the snapshots some.

    A while back, I think I got the hang of dual wielding, Which is going to be useful in the full release...
    I don't mind the changes to combat that much as I am not a pvp person, but goodness,
    those skeletons have been buffed... xD

    I have played around in the End some, and I really like the islands.

    The new enchants are really cool, especially mending, have plans for that one. :)

    The snowy Taiga always was missing a dungeon,
    Now it has one, really cool.

    I have been messing with the new command blocks the most, which I really like...

    The changes are different, but as I have played on the snapshots a lot lately,
    kind of feels like the update is already here to me. xD

    *edit*So yea, I think I am pretty close to ready for the 1.9 update if not already... :)
  8. The crusher's floor won't work in 1.9, but I can just build a crusher from another farm that will work.
  9. I'm super ready! :p
  10. Oh, also, dragon breath.
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  11. Dragon breath is hard to get saying you need to use a empty bottle when you are being attacked by the ender dragon's breath attack. Also it just makes potions lingering potions. But it's cool to have.
    I would be like "I got dragon's breath. What do you got bro?"
  12. Not even close to ready! I haven't tried any snapshots, but I still am looking forward to the release.
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  13. Mojang can keep their "improvements" to themselves.
  14. What problem do you have with the update? Are you another one of those guys complaining about the new sword mechanic?
  15. They broke hit boxes with 1.8 and are ruining PvP as a whole in 1.9. All the arrow types is too much. Minecraft is supposed to be a simplistic game, that's why I bought it 4 years ago. Not for this complexity.
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  16. Hit boxes seem fine to me. Ah well everything can change in 4 years at least with this we can have more varied strategy and so forth.
  17. I'm going to blame microsoft.
  18. I'll be ready when dragon tombs comes out.
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  19. I'm a bit indifferent about it, and on some points even a bit "meh" 'ish. I don't hate the version or anything, but I do think that it won't be the best version out there either.

    My main gripe is that I can't help wonder if Mojang actually plays their own game(s) and if they didn't add some changes merely because of the change and not so much because it enhances gameplay. My first remark is triggered with the initial idea to break the maps. A map is normally made with a 1x zoom ratio, but they deemed that not useful. So they made the default a zoom factor 2 with the option to zoom in. Unfortunately zooming out is done from the center, whereas zooming in would focus on the lower right corner; hence making some areas unavailable for a map with a 1x zoom factor. Eventually they reversed their (IMO): braindead idea, but even so... Surely any player could have seen this coming?

    Next are the sound changes. I don't think those add much either. The witch was usually just as sneaky as a creeper but less dangerous. You don't hear them coming and when the sound of breaking glass is heard it'll be too late. No longer... Last time I tried the snapshot the witches now make silly laughing noises, which makes 'm easy to spot from a distance.

    It's not really bad, but I still don't like it either because it takes away the suspense of roaming around in a swamp.

    Same applies to the new brewing mechanic. The enchanting changes made sense to me; adding a small bit of material (catalyst?) to "power" the enchant. And in return you get to spend less XP. SO instead of spending 30XP levels you spend 3 and the rest are filled out with lapis. It made sense.

    But the new brewing mechanic... I don't get it. Apparently blaze rods now wear out or something. It doesn't make sense. I think their intention is that you "filter" the fluids using the blaze powder, which eventually gets used up. But if that's the case then why do you specifically need a blaze rod to make a brewing stand? Surely a simple stick should do considering that the blaze powder is now used to do the actual "filtering".

    Yet instead you now need a blaze rod for the brewing stand and blaze powder to make it work. I don't see any logic here, all I can think of is "gee, they changed it only to make it harder and nothing more". I don't see the logic. Which makes me go "meh" :)

    And there are plenty of other small changes which I think were merely added because they needed something "new".

    In the overall I think that the main new features are solid. Dual wielding is definitely interesting, though I still think its silly that you can now shoot a bow with one hand (using a sword and a bow in the offhand).

    But in the end 1.9 stil leaves me with a lot more to desire. I mean... Isn't Minecraft also a building game? That's the main core of the whole thing, considering that creative mode came before survival. So why are they leaving so much potential unused? Take clay blocks: it remains as static as ever. You can't really "do" anything with them, slabs or stairs are out of the question. Even though having access to more color variety would really enhance many builds out there.

    Sure; we get purpur blocks. But is that really a useful enhancement to the game? I mean; the only way to get your hands on them (in a legit way) is to defeat the Enderdragon (so basically by "winning" the game). So you first need to finish the game before you get access to those new blocks.

    It makes sense, I really like the new End as well, but it also means that we basically don't really get anything new; only after we finish the game.

    In comparison: Ocean monuments in 1.8 were really new: those are available in the (survival) Overworld, right in the middle of your game. That really added up and enhanced gameplay.. But all 1.9 seems to do is change the gameplay, and sometimes for reasons where I think there's no logic to it.

    So yah... In the end I'm a little "meh", aka indifferent. I don't think 1.9 is bad, but I also don't think it's that great either.
  20. I won't be updating, except maybe to try a 1.9 UHC or something. I only do PvP nowadays. I've tried 1.9 PvP unlike a lot of people complaining about the changes, and can say that PvP in 1.9 is, in two words, boring and broken.
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