Are you kidding me.

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  1. You can even claim land without being on the lot with /res claim <lotnumber>. I don't know if you can unclaim while not being on the lot, but I would imagine so. :)
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  2. There should be a residence command guide... then we would all know this stuff
  3. The wiki update may just have this... you'll see when it's released... ;)
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  4. lol... it "just may" xD
  5. There. I fixed it for you.
  6. Good Guy Term :p
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  7. I take it this won't work for /res pset?
  8. The thing is I never did anything with build I just gave someone else destroy perms...
  9. Lol. This is funny.
  10. Yeah, i dont see any reason it shouldn't. :)
  11. Ive done that 3 times before. If you sneak your way on to your property so that you are only half way on it, the game will think youre on your own res and you can type in /res pset pat2011 move true.
  12. -_-
    That's like saying,
    "Here's my house. I bought it on vacation, but when I get back, I can see it for the very first time!"
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  13. lol
  14. How do you give certain people perms?
    using /res pset

    EDIT: From the wild etc.
  15. Then you need to place the lot number between 'pset' and <playername> : /res pset 1982 nfell build true (I think :p )
  16. :D Cool!! And you know you want to enter this command:
    /res pset <all my res'> nfell2009 build t
    On all your res' >.>
  17. Amazing! Why isn't this written in the empire guide... So much for Max's signiture! :p
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  18. I guess no-one has really approached us about this ability, otherwise we would made the info more readily available sooner. I'll see about adding it to the commands page in the Guide. :)
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  19. I could!! :D
  20. Wouldn't that cause some bugs... What if I wanted to set flags for someone on my res and thier name is 9088 and my res is 9088?!? Is the game smart enough to pick up the difference? It would make more sense being in this order /res [number] set\pset [playername] [flag] [true\false\remove]