Are you kidding me.

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  1. So I go to my res a little while ago and I try to dig some dirt but a message pops up saying I don't have build permission on my own res! Can someone explain this?
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  2. What does /res info say?
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  3. give yourself back build perms. And no, we are not kidding you.
  4. I just did /res default and it fixed it.
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  5. xD how would you lose your own build perms lol
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  6. if you do /res set build false maybe?
  7. lol this was funny
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  8. Ha ha, why is it even possible removing your permissions :D
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  9. I've always wondered if you could do that lol,
    can you res ban yourself too?
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  10. once i did /res pset 1998golfer move false >,< and it worked and i couldnt walk on my res lol
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  11. If possible, you are in serious trouble xD
  12. I'm surprised there isn't safeguards in place to prevent his. *Off to complain to aikar*
  13. Yep. About 150 days or so back this guy asked in town chat "How do I remove move flags?".
    I told him and about 5 minutes later "I need help, I res banned myself".
    I have never face palmed so hard in my life. Luckily I was able to push him back on his res while he had already typed in the command and before we went flying.
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  14. I once took away my own move perms. Im homeless now.
  15. Oh dear....
  16. You can actually set permissions without being on your lot, you just need to include your lot number in the command.
    Example: /res set 1982 move false. You can even do it from the wild. :p
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  17. WOW.... you can do that! thats epic. i dont have to go into town to give ppl perms now!
  18. Finally... remember the tree farm?? xD
  19. yup thats EXACTLY what i was thinking when i saw that!
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