Are test pages still valid? (& teleport question)

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  1. Hi gang!

    First of all my compliments for the extensive documentation section(s). My friends and me have been going through them a lot these days and so far there's little we couldn't find.

    I've been peeking into this forum and found a few references to the Discarded / testpages section. More specifically: I found pointers to the RTS page and the message sign page. I've been playing with the teleport signs and noticed that this works, so this information is obviously not outdated.

    So what is the status / purpose of that test section? Will those pages eventually find their way into the main wiki? Reason I ask should be obvious: these pages were a little harder to find, even though they contain useful information.

    Second a small teleport question... Is there any way to create a teleport to another residence? The RTS page mentions the option but it would seem that has been disabled; RTS now only works on your own plot.

    Reason I ask: I was playing with the idea to create a small teleport section on my residence to point to some friends residences and my favorite store so far ;)

    Thanks in advance for your comments!
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  2. We don't really want you to find this section of the wiki because it was it appears to be, a place for pages we won't be using or to mess around with things.

    Some of the information is still valid, but it should all be found elsewhere in the more up to date pages of the wiki. If there is something in the discarded/test section that you find to be valid but missing in the rest of the wiki, then do PM a few members of the contribution team and tell us so we can add it to the main wiki.

    Regarding the RTS, I believe you can only teleport someone to the spawn point of another res by typing in their res number on the tp sign. You can find the more up to date information regarding feature signs (including the RTS system) on this page. Admittedly, this is identical to the information found in the discarded page, so we may need to review the information.

    But the RTS system does (or at least it did once, correct me if I'm wrong :p) allow you to teleport players to other residences (on the same server), so you can create teleports to your favourite shops or your friends residences.
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  3. Yeah, I wondered that too. There were some pretty interesting pages under that section, I loved stumbling across it.
  4. Thanks for your answer and the more recent link!

    Because you don't really want people to find those pages I removed the direct links just in case (small effort, and if it helps you guys...).

    I'm going to experiment with that teleport system later today. I should be working on my house but I keep getting these cool distractions, I really like it!
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  5. As for the RTS:

    You can setup an RTS to another res. The way it is done is by making a [Teleport] sign with the res number (or player name) on line 2. If that player has any named location you can use the RTS sign to go to those locations with res#@location on the second line of the teleport sign.

    Example 1: RTS Sign L1: [Teleport] L2: 12345
    This will teleport you to the spawn of res 12345

    Example 2: RTS L1: [Teleport] L2: 12345@HiddenRoom
    This will teleport you to the HiddenRoom location at res 12345

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  6. Awesome Socks, much appreciated!

    haha, some people are going to be surprised later today :cool:
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  7. As the others have said, this area is just where we dump old pages that are no longer relevant or needed (e.g. Creature Capture) and where we test out layouts and other things for other pages. :) It's kind of like Stage for the Wiki Team, if that makes any sense. :p Yes, some of the information is still valid, though... However, I'm not actually sure that you guys are supposed to be able to enter those pages judging by the message at the bottom. :p I'll have to ask about that.
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  8. Shh, I dont want people to know the command under my res, haha. Jk, i have a different command, but thats still my res Shh....
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  9. Don't worry, I haven't properly learned to use the /player command yet, so I don't know that you're on smp6 ;)
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  10. Don't worry, we're definitely supposed to be able to see those pages :rolleyes: (Haha, I felt so naughty when posting about them some time ago xD Like a little boy finding his birthday presents or something, and going to his parents "Look what I found! What's the purpose of this?" :p)
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