April Fools Idea :D

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  1. Sooner or later, want it or not, April fools will come(MWA HA HA HA HA). My idea is to make a effect of nausea whenever you move. I think that would make this prank day pretty awesome. Even thought everybody will hate this effect I would say this is the point of that day :p. so yeah, say your thoughts plz :D(if you have negative thoughts to say then just dont say them)
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  2. So you want people to not be able to play that entire day..?

    EDIT: just thought this post might come across as a bit rude, I didn't mean to, sorry
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  3. Great idea, but would impact players too much.
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  4. To tell you the truth, due to being in IT for many years, I'm actually tired of seeing April Fool's jokes. Way too many of them. For instance, on April 1st, I just assume any outlandish news story to be a joke. Also, I pretty much completely avoid any geek/tech related websites for that day.
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  5. Wouldn't it be better if Aikar just announced some crazy update, just like every other game dev does? It's harmless and no one would complain about it.
    That being said, I did like your nausea effect idea, just don't think others will too.
  6. Maybe not nausea, if someone needs to do something that won't help them in any way. Maybe like Jump Boost and Speed V just for the laughs and fun?
  7. im crying, you are so mean :(. :D LOL
  8. guess you r right, we could make it jump boost V and speed V. that would not do to much harm and will be very funny lol :)
  9. as some people say, If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it.
  10. Aikar could announce Dragon Tombs again :p jkjk
  11. That would be the complete opposite of harmless :D
  12. Excuse me for stating an opinion. Pretty sure the OP asked for people's thoughts on the matter.... ;)

    And for the record, if EMC had this on Apr 1st, I just wouldn't connect and play on that day.
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  13. No... way to impactful. I'm not sure if I'd be looking forward to anything big from EMC. I'd like /disguise to be activated, in each case.
  14. Maybe a small chance rather than the whole time?
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  15. sorry for my miss of logic, I changed the sign a bit so now the logic fits
  16. hm, why not make it so you will have it like every ten minutes or so for a minute?
  17. More like an hour to make it funny
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  18. Personally, I'd like to see the return of the April 1st, 2014 "villager sounds". Hi-larious. Dig-dig-dig, chop-chop-chop, splash!, chicken! cluck, cluck, cluck, fizz, fizz, fizz, Groooowll!

    The best.
  19. I don't think EMC could do that without getting into trouble with Mojang :p
    Of course, you could always put it on for yourself, though :)
    (if you're not sure where to get it: click this to download the resource pack)
  20. How about just a promo April Fool's cap, with some weird enchantment on them maybe, harmless though - like nausea hehe.
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