April Fools 2012: Momentous

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  1. Few things you should know:

    • Most of the people whos residences were destroyed did so willingly.
    • We are NOT griefers.
    • We are NOT griefers.
    • We hope this was as much fun for all of you as it was for us :)
    Now for the fun stuff:

    Did you take a screencap during the holiday? Do you have a moving story of unruly mods pretending to be dragons? Did you receive a flower from a hug-loving creeper? Post about it in this thread!
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  2. If you have a screen capture or story about the shenanigans that went on today, post them here.

    Inside joke.
  3. I did indeed get some flowers from a creeper that enjoyed hugs. It made my day :)
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  4. CreeperFlower.png Creeper Flower!
  5. Hmmm I can you see doing this, lol
  6. I'm so jelly. :'(
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  7. I live on smp5 and smp7 don't feel so lonely lol
  8. The creeper was on SMP7 :)
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  9. All the flowers I got from the Creeper :)Mr. Creeper throwing some flowers :D
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  10. Just for the record, JabrZer0 and I are making a MineCast video of this XD
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  11. At SMP4 we met Zombie Kong!!! After a EnderDragon (but i was too late to make pictures of him)

    Here we are trying to kill poor zombie...

    He was trying to hide :D

    Then he disappear :( :D
    But it was FUN :) Nice work!!!
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  12. here's a cap of our newest member of smp1, and some nice players showing up to greet them. Aren't they nice?
  13. So on SMP7 my sister britbrit3197 and I were chilling in my house. I see a spider run through my yard through my window and I'm all "What the heck? Britney there's a spider.." Brit pops out the front door to look and turns to look at me "I don't see a spider" suddenly FWOOOOSH! She's plowed over by a giant dragon!

    Chaos ensued: http://s1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg562/PandasEatRamen/EMC April Fools/

    But seriously, I can't believe people were calling you guys griefers. I had fun. Everyone kept asking what I did to deserve the "attacks" and I brought up the joke I made in chat earlier when talking about Justin's announcement that "Mojang was butthurt about protection spawns".
  14. Aikar got me good, I have about 4 hours worth of screenshots -_- I totally thought it was hackersa
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