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  1. Attention all Empire Minecraft players!

    We're excited to introduce the Think Team, a team focused on creating new and engaging experiences on our server. Working with the development team, The Think Team will design projects such as custom mobs, voting rewards, and promotional items. The general idea is for the community to collaborate together to DECIDE various aspects for the devs to implement. The designing stage of code actually takes a very long time, and easing that step off of the developers' plates should, in theory, allow for more updates to be added which the devs cannot prioritize by themselves.

    We're seeking a large number of creative and motivated players who are passionate about Empire Minecraft and have ideas for improving our server. If you're interested in joining this innovative team, we invite you to apply and help create a memorable experience for our players.

    Join us in bringing the Empire Minecraft community to new heights!

    Apply now by following this link:


    1. What exactly does The Think Team do?

    Chickeneer will lead this community based team to facilitate the team towards deciding as a group on various "designy" things for the Devs to implement. The first projects will be the Voter Items, Custom Mobs, and possibly some token purchasable items. Generally speaking, none of these are hard to implement in the code, but it takes an immense amount of thought and time to properly plan out all of the details before any code is actually started. That is where the team will help in making those decisions under chickeneer's direction.

    2. What are the requirements for joining The Think Team?

    There are not really any set requirements. The applications will be evaluated primarily on a person's current activity levels within EMC, ability to contribute 'something' to these conversations, and a person's ability to communicate in a friendly team-based environment. The goal is to get quite a few people involved, this is a new thing, so it will have a few hiccups.

    3. How does the team collaborate with the development team to implement their ideas?

    Chickeneer is the lead developer so he facilitates the topics with the express intent of getting them implemented in-game as soon as things are finalized and the timing works on the Devs end to finish the implementation. There will be some ideas that are impractical to implement, so the dev team will be involved in these projects to keep them focused on not only what is possible, but more importantly what is an efficient use of time for the devs to implement at the end of it. There is also the component of balance, but I would like to think the Think Team will be able to judge that aspect for themselves in working on these projects.

    4. How will the Think Team communicate?

    There will be both a discord channel and a Subforum on the EMC forums for all projects.
    The forum will be used to track all projects, the Discord channel will be useful for live-chatting about the topic or notifications on what is new on the forums. I do not intend for the discord channel to be a requirement for being part of the team.

    5. How will the team's progress be monitored and evaluated?

    I actually do not know the answer to this question. I will just say that participating in this community team is a privilege and I want to work with people that genuinely want EMC to improve. I don't desire to set minimum participation requirements because not every project that this team will work on, will play into every person's skillset. I think a reasonable possibility, could even be to eventually have a non-dev possibly even lead this team. I think of this more of a liaison between the community and the dev team, at this time that means that I have to take the reigns to facilitate that in a controlled environment for maximum productivity.

    6. How will the contributions of The Think Team be recognized within the EMC community?

    The plan is for the Think Team to be explicitly given credit when one of their projects rolls out to the public. The team's communication itself will be private, but the end results would very much be desired to be made known that you helped make it happen!

    7. What is the time commitment expected of team members?

    Participating in this team will be completely asynchronous. I would just ask that you respond to our threads and discussions when you have something to add. Or even startup your own ideas on things you want brought before the team as an official project.

    In general. The implementation of this team is an evolving process. I am excited to get more people helping the dev team implement cool new stuff for EMC.
  2. first :D

    what a cool idea to involve the community and help funnel ALL the serious and exciting ideas for EMC to the lovely devs and staff team
  3. Wooohooooo! Love this!
  4. Just wanted to say that I’m excited to see where this leads not only for the community on EMC but for the dev team as well. In my recent talks with chicken and the other staff members in discord, I’m sure this will take a lot of work off of them and hopefully players that join this team will have some amazing ideas for the Empire!
  5. Hmm, I should mention that the applications will need some time to process, and then onboard quite a few new people at one time.

    Once we do onboard people onto the team. That does not mean you are rejected, as I will want to do multiple waves of adding people to the team.
  6. I'm super excited for this team! I look forward to joining creative discussions with everyone who joins. :D
  7. VERY excited about this new team, and I encourage you all to apply! The community has been the heart and soul of EMC since its founding, and it's truly wonderful to see a new avenue for people to contribute to the vision here.
  8. excited to see the application roll out! everyone’s input is important!
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  9. I offer my brain to those in need. Good luck to all applicants!
  10. "Think Tank" :rolleyes: *thinking* I really really like the this idea. To me lately in dev terms (in my RL job) means the players are the stakeholders, SMEs and end users. The forums and discord will be used for requirements gathering and sprint grooming on ideas put out by them for the Empire. Awesome idea. 100% :+1:

    Sorry I geeked out there. :p

    Edit: SME = subject matter expert
  11. Finally, a way to properly reintegrate myself into EMC.
  12. Chickeneer,

    This is a fabulous idea!

    We would be thrilled to contribute to EMC...especially since it has provided sooooooooo much fun and excitement for our kids(and the entire family).

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  14. For a long time I have had ideas about improvements to Minecraft but I am not sure EMC will want to alter the code to function differently. There are a few things that should be upgraded but since they work Mojang will never change them. One of the Major concerns in EMC is about all the added content in the updates, it is leaving parts of the Frontier in the past as far as having the new content. This alone would be a monumental task to correct in the existing landscape of the Frontier while leaving all the player creations intact. I would like some feedback on this.
  15. What you are suggesting, isn't really possible. There is no way to completely distinguish between player creations and natural generation. Even then, part of people's designs are specifically built to fit into the surrounding landscape, so changing the surroundings would ruin that aspect.

    It is already the case that new chunks in the frontier are created using the newest version of Minecraft - for the full world experience, one either needs to travel to new areas or use the wastelands. I am not sure what other options there would be. We could assist going into new areas - but it really isn't that difficult as is.
  16. I really wish you called this the Think Tank.

    So much so I have been reading it as 'Think Tank' the whole time.
  17. the thread's banner really makes it seem like this too, lol