Apparently the Xray Texture Pack doesn't work anymore!

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  1. You actually have to try hard to cheat now!

  2. I'm gonna take a stab and guess you named the title so people would look at this? lol
  3. Just psyched that people can't be quite as lazy now
  4. Sadly I can still think of at least 1, completely vanilla way to xray in 1.8, which functions pretty much identically to an xray texture pack. :(

    NOTE: Hamster does not endorse using xray in any way at all (and does not do it). Just because things exist doesn't mean you should use them. So lets not! :D
  5. I'm pretty sure you can't see in walls now, you can see air blocks which means you can't find stuff within walls. Same with X-ray texture packs. X-Ray mods are broken in 1.8 though.
  6. Unless Mojang has been extremely clever with what I'm thinking, it's still possible.
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  7. Smart little hamster :p
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  8. That is true, I know Sethbling has a way with pistons to see caves underground to get there, which is pretty nooby on his case, lol.
  9. Sadly what I'm thinking works even easier than that... and doesn't require any materials. :(

    At least it's a step in the right direction.
  10. the bed one?
  11. No.
  12. Can't you simply get a pack that makes the ores stick out of the ground or something? You can remodel blocks to make sure things go your way.
  13. i dont think its too nooby. i mean what if you are trying to light up caves for a nearby grinder?
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  14. Some time when I was in my own private server, I was mining, but my internet was being 'funny', so what I mined, the server didn't notice. I was mining some coal, yay. I got disconnected, funny internet -_-. When I logged back on I restarted mining coal, but there were many more than before!
    Long story short: you're not seeing all ores.
  15. So do servers now have a way of blocking texture packs, or???
  16. Well judging how Seth is doing a glitch that allows him to see underground, I consider it a little nooby. However, it is a good technique and good way to find efficient areas. But we probably would be BANNED if we tried his glitch.
  17. Etho does it too, and he is a Minecraft god in my opinion lol.
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