Anyone Not Getting Voting Credit for

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  1. I have been voting everyday, mainly thanks to setting a reminder, and I have noticed that the last few days I haven't gotten credit for voting on Has anyone else been having this issue? I see the pop-up message saying I have voted, but never see the credit show up on my rupees page.
  2. They are having some issues on their side... Hopefully it gets resolved :)
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  3. Yea same and they were down yesterday when I tried.
  4. Glad to know I am not crazy...yet.
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  5. I noticed this new site in the list yesterday, but it wouldn't load at all then. I just voted now, and it didn't go through.
    Also, I find this strange.
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  6. Ya that is a strange one. Some new player the other day said they found this server on some listing under guns :D
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  7. Yes, also not getting credit for it. I initially thought it was because it doesn't clear the status when I click on it in the voting page for some reason lately. But I see I am getting credit from MCSL which I think is that one, so it must be I'm not getting credit from

    findmcserver does offer for you to sign in via microsoft which I'm sure is just fine...
  8. It seems to be working now, or it's just a coincidence.
  9. Still not working for me.
  10. Yeah... it was a coincidence when it seemed to work for me. RIP
  11. I had removed this link from the link yesterday about 11:30am EMC time. It'll be back eventually.
  12. I just posted it wasn't working (and it hadn't for a while) and then everything started working perfectly the next day. So for me everything is fine now.
  13. It's not on our server list anymore. sooooo
  14. too, but I still get rupees for it. sooooo ... ?
  15. There is no longer votifier setup for Empire Minecraft on this website. There is nothing further to discuss.
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