Anyone have forum joining numbers info?

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  1. I'm playing with some statistics and making some graphs out of sheer boredom and interest to see how the EMC forum membership has scaled over the last few years in terms of people joining.

    Do we have any more specific data available for each months joining figures? I've had a look and have had to pull my information from posts people made about hitting 'x' number of members but it doesn't give a deep enough read, it jumps too quickly with the gaps in the timeline. I also want to link it in to release dates for various MC versions.

    Any help appreciated!
  2. I don't think there are any players who could supply a lot of info but try talking to a mod
  3. well itll be hard to get true data on that.

    for most of emc it was players join date, but recently forum reg is seperate from the joining game part.

    But ideally its more desirable to have just overall new members, not the forums alone.
    But heres a quick report for 2 years:

    As you see, the new count is jumping right back up now. (The last 1k is for past 10 days, not entire month)
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  4. EDIT: this is not about the jumping up part, it is about celebration!
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  5. Awesome - thanks.

    So I can work this into the graph, what date does the 730 fall on? I'll work it back from then.

    Also, when did joining the game and forums split off?

  6. I base this off the first recorded post by JustinGuy which was August 3rd 2011 ( There are a few other posts on that date but could not find anything before it. Those stats weren't available so were pretty much made up on the spot to fill in the first three months.

    I will eventually tag in the MC release versions as well.

    Forum Member Join Rate.jpg

    Points of interest are the major peaks during MC's initial burst of popularity and press attention. Also worth noting the dip during the first December period and the rise during the second, slightly contradictory in terms of trends but hard to analyse in depth due to the press attention around MC in 2011.

    Also note the massive spike October 2013 which we know who that was due to. :)

    Forum Stats.jpg
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  7. Refresh, I was changing the image to an updated one.
  8. thanks.
  9. something seems off, it was april 2012~ area that had the 8k members join, then tapered back down.

    I think you have the data backwards
  10. I've also been wanting to do public graphs like this, just havent had the time... I have even more data than that :p

    >>> churn 31
    New: 3269
    Retain: 362
    Retain %: 11.0737%
    Loss: 2387
    Loss %: 73.0193%
    Tutorial Drop: 790
    Tutorial Drop %: 24.1664%
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  11. Hmm.. Then the numbers don't fit in terms of months the way I'm looking at it. So I must have broken it down wrong. I'm trying to account from August 3rd 2011. From there until March 2012 it's blank for figures (Which now makes it tally correctly with the Forum).

    If day 730 was the first day of the information pull with 6586 new joins, what date was that?
  12. I do still not understand this. Could you explain the thing and say what means what?
  13. Also, the numbers you've provided Aikar, tally to 77745, whilst the Forum only shows 68 thousand odd Registered. Where's the difference coming from if that's the Forum join rates?
  14. >>> churn 31 : The account period or somesuch (i.e. One month)
    New: 3269 : Number of people joined
    Retain: 362 : Number of people remaining active or continuing to play, whatever it's actually checking
    Retain %: 11.0737% : That in percentage
    Loss: 2387 : Number of people that didn't stay
    Loss %: 73.0193% : That in percentage
    Tutorial Drop: 790 : Number of people who skipped tutorial or left it?

    Tutorial Drop %: 24.1664% : That in percentage
  15. Check the link I posted:

    It should help in cross-referencing
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    • PEOPLE

    • VISITS


    This doesn't suggest the same?? But these are forum hits :)
  16. I think the problem is that you are trying to count forward... count backward! Hint: the 4000 number recently should fall around minecon :p
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  17. We had a certain eye catching & people stimulating dragon walking around there ;) :D
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