Any Retro Gamers?

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  1. We have a similar thread like this on my main haunt so I thought I'd create one here as well.

    So anyone here a Retro Gamer too? I do like current games, but I also love a lot of the older games from decades past especially those on the Super Nintendo which is my absolute favorite console ever.

    I go so far as to collect Super Nintendo games too I'm currently attempting to collect every game that was released in North America I only just started though so at present I only have around 60.

    Anyway allow me to introduce you guys to the crown jewel of my collection a the Super Famicom version of Chrono Trigger complete in box.

    Anyway I'd love to hear about what old consoles and games you guys like.
  2. Does a C64 emulator count? With a ton of games "from the old days" too, I even play some from time to time.

    Oh the memories... My first PC: a 286 box. Actually it was not my first, I also had a 386 somewhere but used it for my BBS system, also because QEMM/Desqview often acted up (DOS / GUI "multitasking" environment, kinda pre-Windows days). At least pre-Windows as we know it now.

    So I had a C64 monitor, awesomeness, and it could actually use 2 inputs. And switch between 'm. SO I ended up hooking up both my C64 and my (CGA) powered 286 box. Whoopie; 3 colored fractals (black, white & pink) which would take approx. one night to calculate (my current machine does it in, well, a second). Talking about Fractint now btw.

    Anyways; because I had 2 PC's I also hooked 'm up. The C64 userport was dangerous to use but it was doable. And with the, iirc, ... no, I don't recall. I bought an IC which allowed me to build an interface for my C64 which provided with with a full flexed RS232 interface. In other words: a serial port. Next step: write a program to utilize this. Because I didn't really know much about the PC back then, and because my father was also quite interested, we made it a dual project. He wrote the transfer program on the PC while I wrote the C64 part. Pretty simple too; basically a program which would command the 1541 to read a full disk sector, by sector and send the whole thing to the serial port.

    After which the PC counterpart would pick it up and store it as a disk image.

    Anyway; a game I still like to play today is Strike Fleet. Ah, here is a Wikipedia article about that. What I really enjoyed about this game was the certain sense of realism. For example; when doing escort missions you could easily spend 10 or so minutes doing nothing but checking the radar and monitors. Because nothing happens.

    I always liked that approach, instead of the often used "endless ongoing mindless action" approach which you often see now. Especially for a simulator, I mean.. its not all ongoing action.

    So yah, I guess I am a retro-gamer, sorta.
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  3. Sweet glad to meet.

    Commodore 64 huh well of course it counts as retro gaming as does your old computer but man I've never even heard of the computers you mentioned I do believe they may be a bit before my time I wasn't even born until 86. They from around that time?
  4. OMG Chrono Trigger!!! I LOVE that game!! I remember clearly when they released their TV commercial for that game... it looks like original Japanese version... did you play in Japanese? just curious.The story, characters, and musics are awesome!!

    I don't play video games that much anymore except minecraft(my last console is PS2) but my most favorite console is also Super Nintendo. (I love family computer ( a Nintendo?) too) I feel there so many god games in that console. It's hard to explain but I feel the games at the time period was pretty difficult to see the endings and they had great musics in that tiny disc!
    I like an action games with horizontal scrolling too.(like Mickey's magical adventure and Megaman) I'm not good at fps type of game -_-; maybe I'm old... but after all the games became all 3D CG crazy, I kinda started losing interests on those beautiful loooong stories...

    You made mewant to play Super Nintendo with my brother again!!

    I want to see your post more on this thread :)
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  5. Wow, Chrono Trigger! I stunk, and still do stink, at that game :/ But it's still one of my favorite RPGs of all time, just below EarthBound. EarthBound is the bomb.

    So anyway, I guess I could be considered a retro gamer. I mostly play modern games now, but only Nintendo games. But I still have my old SNES in the garage somewhere. I use an emulator now, and I've played a lot of Super Nintendo titles. As I said, I mainly played EarthBound as a kid, but now I try to branch out and play all sorts of games on all sorts of old consoles.

    I also love the GBA, though it was criticized by many people. Pokemon Ruby took up about a week total time of my life, but for a good reason- that was the game in which I caught em all. :D
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  6. I have a Gameboy, Gameboy Color, SNES, N64, literally every Zelda game, and a lot of old Sonic games The Sonic games are emulated, but I still have them).
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  7. Wow, someone else who has managed to amass a collection of every Zelda game ever! I have my own collection as well. I even have one for the CD-I, but I know it's awful so I've never played it.
  8. I own a number of consoles myself. From Atari to the Genesis I own em. To say I play their games often would be a blatent lie however, as I need to figure out how to connect them to a modern tv.

    I also own a gameboy with a copy of Tetris. It's pretty sweet.
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  9. Nice to meet you.

    And to answer your question no I haven't played the Japanese version, but I've played the English version a lot (Probably played through it 12 times at this point.) Unfortunately being an American my Super Nintendo console can't play Super Famicom games. This is also why that game is the crown jewel of my collection since Famicom versions of these games are extremely rare in the United States so having one let alone with the box and manual intact is quite a find. Also there's the fact I don't understand Japanese (well I guess its more accurate to say I only know a little) but its not enough to actually play the Japanese version (I don't know Kanji)

    Really I find it interesting that the GBA is criticized. From the games I've played on emulator from that system I'd say it was a pretty solid system. That and its one of my friends favorite consoles (He really loves portable games.)
  10. Any Retro Gamers? Any Retro Gamers?
    Yes, so much yes! :D

    I'm supposed to make homework right now, but this is definitely like way cooler.
    First, let me tell you, I was born in 1999. I didn't know too much about gaming until it was already much, much later. Because of that I missed my chance to buy a NES, SNES, N64 or GB when they were still easy to get.
    But I do really love retro gaming.

    SparerToaster made a video game collections thread some time ago (apparently longer ago than I remembered it was O_o I'm getting old xD) and I'll take my pictures from there, because I don't really have time to take new pictures at the moment, and most of it is still fairly up-to-date.
    Let's start with my Nintendo Wii.
    Bought this from my own money, from a store.

    Mario Kart Wii came with the wii, I got Harvest Moon for my birthday, I bought Super Mario Galaxy from eBay and someone bought the sports disk for practically free on a flea market (it's not that good anyway)

    A picture of my GBC and Gameboy Advance SP: Tribal Edition (with backlight).
    I got the GBC for my birthday when I was fairly young and I got Lego Racers and Super Mario Bros Deluxe with it. It wasn't until a long time later I started buying games myself. My father bought two GBA SP Tribal Editions like 5 years ago, one for me and one for my sister. We also have a link cable. He got lots of games with them, but I also got lots of games for birthdays and sinterklaas.
    I don't really play GBC anymore, because everything that can be played on GBC can also be played on GBA.

    These are the games, but this picture is outdated. Added to my collection now are: Bootleg Brother Bear (...), bootleg SMW (...), Donkey Kong Country GBC :)D), Super Mario World (no bootleg :D), Super Mario Bros 3 :)D) and Super Monkey Ball Jr. :)D) I'm looking to get a Tetris and a WarioWare game sometime in the future.
    Only a year ago I found out that a really big part of my collection is bootleg, and because I never knew about bootlegs in general, I decided to make a post about it for the benefit of other people.

    Now, get ready for the big part...

    Our Atari ST! :D I've played on this since very early childhood. I love it incredibly much. Whenever I boot it up, and hear it load... The sounds it makes... Ah, this is the only time I've ever gotten nostalgic from long loading times! xD Really though, it's amazing. I must confess though: I haven't played on this too much lately :oops: It still works perfectly though.

    These are all the floppies we still have. Yeah... Quite much. A big majority of them are cracked though. My dad got them from a friend long ago, he couldn't know ;) I don't feel bad while playing them though, because well, these games are so old... I don't think anyone will mind me playing illegal copies of them. We have lots of the classics, I can tell you. Gobliiins, Lotus III, Lemmings, Bubble Bobble, Typhoon, et cetera. If any of you have played Atari ST way back in the day, name a game and I'll see if we have it. My personal favourite is Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk. We also have lots of games programmed by my dad, who programmed in GFA-BASIC (which is actually where I've started programming too). Most of them don't work anymore though, because of incompatibility issues and just plain oldness. Unfortunately. He has also overwritten lots of his work way back in the day, because floppies were kind of expensive.

    So, what do you think? :D Retro or not?

    Edit: That costed me about 30 minutes, back to homework! xD
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  11. Atari for the win!
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