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  1. Now we're all gamers here, and as such we're all susceptible to owning video games. Most of us have collections, each of which differing in what games for what consoles for what era. I'm sure some of us are proud of our collections, and we all want to share them and rub them in everybody else's pretty little faces. So this is the thread for said rubbing into pretty faces.

    I'll start us off.

    The Sega Genesis (Mega Drive for people outside of America) is a very recent addition to my collection. It isn't much since I'm a bit tight on cash, but I hope to expand it soon.

    TL;DR: We have games, be a show off.
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  2. PS3:
    GTA V
    NFS - Most Wanted
    Infamous 2
    Little Big Planet 2
    NCAA 10

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    Wii Sports/Resort/Play/Ski
    Black Ops 1
    COD 3
    The Force Unleashed II
    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
    Lego Star Wars Complete Saga
    Guitar Hero Aerosmith
    A whole bunch of other games

    Mario Cart Double Dash
    Super Mario Sunshine
    Super Smash Brothers Melee
    Super Monkey Ball
    2 other Lego Star Wars
    and some others

    Kinda cool looking back through that list at all the games I used to play.
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  3. collection1.PNG

    I own too many games >.<
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  4. Legend of Zelda Link to the Past on SNES is amazing 'nuff said.
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  5. Let's see what I have...
    Minecraft? :p
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  6. I would post a photo of my prized Jikū no Hasha Sa Ga 3 [Kanketsu Hen] in its box, but it's not with us anymore. The package passed away 2 years ago.
    *fades to monochrome*
    "In the aaaaarms of an aaangeeel."
  7. I will post a photo or video of my ps2 game collect, I have over 2 buckets of ps1+ps2 games I like showing off ;) And my sims collection
  8. I will not bore with too many pics... maybe some day.
    If I see pics of collections, I may add a couple.
    And I would say that this below is ballpark, but low as per my last count couple years back.
    I stopped counting after awhile.

    Atari 2600, multiple consoles, over 100 games. (best is the wireless joysticks for this)
    NES, 9 consoles, 600 games (best of this is original castlevania 3 still unopened, new in box)
    SNES 6 consoles, 175 games
    N64, 8 consoles, 60 games
    Gamecube, 7 consoles, 70 games <- got sack interested in the animal crossing, lols
    Wii, 1 console unopened in box (original), 3 white, two red; Controllers: 2 opened golden, one black and one white 'gamepads', 5 white, one red, one blue, and one 3rd party tron controller (looks awesome as heck) - 80 games,

    Genesis 15 consoles 250 games (nba jam rocks the house still, moonwalker recently added lols)
    +Sega CD 6 consoles, (version 1 and 2) almost every game made for it (including the lunar silver and blue with strat guides, however my original snatcher disk got stolen from me, no popful mail either)
    +32x, unit with 18 games
    Sega Saturn, 3 consoles, 30 games
    Sega Dreamcast, 5 consoles, 20 games

    PS1, 10 consoles, 100 games
    PS2, 6 consoles, 80 games
    Ps3, 1 console, 250GB slim with 55 games (not including ones that load off the hard drive which is full now)
    Xbox360, 4 consoles, kinect, 100 games, (now what i do like is my controller collection, which is prob around 20 diff controllers, such as the halo3, blue, fable3, tatoo art, gold chrome, odst, reach, etc...)

    and of course dont forget the portables
    Sega gamegear x3 (one unopened in box), 20 games
    Sega Nomad (uses genesis games)
    Original gameboy black and white (i bought this new back in the day)
    Game boy advanced x4 about 40 games
    Gameboy SP
    Gameboy DS, 50 games
    PSP, black, silver, and original orange/black limited edition from a winners contest. (50 made?) 50 games.

    shoot, what else am I missing...
    Some other misc stuff like the Yobo, which is a 3rd party top loading NES, but since its more emu, I dont count that too much.
    do not have virtual boy
    do not have 3do
    do not have jaguar (or any other atari stuff really)
    What will I do with this all one day?
    College tuition.

    Next project? Take one of the wiis, rip er open, and make a portable out of it. Just got the tri-screwdriver bits for the disassembly. (and find the time for this lol)

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  9. I demand an explanation as to how you can afford that many consoles.
    And more pictures.
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  10. Sure, here is another picture. Lol, I would have to dig around for my archived pics to get more of the fun stuff I got.
    Most are sealed up, and stored in bins these days. The pics are just of my excess stuff I took.
  11. shocked lions.jpg
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  12. Dang it, I put up the wrong picture in my previous post. Meant to be my games, not my car pics, so sorry.
    I took some pics of some games and systems I have sitting around before being stored. My stuff gets protected, put into bins, and dumped into storage so it does not sit around.

    Now for more pictures.
    Some genesis, the Comix Zone is still new in box.
    Classic NES original zelda in the box (gold carts rule), and sealed perfect dark for the N64.
    Pikimin! fun game.
    PSP pic is the one won in a contest. (Appears to be a normal PSP, but painted a very nice burnt orange/sparkle, with engraved company logo who put on the contest)
    Snes games shown are the ones I play a bit.

    And now I know what I forgot before. The original Xbox! Got 4 consoles, and a bunch of controllers. Loads and loads of games, over 100 at this point. I did hack a hard drive in one of them to a 500 gigger, and dumped the majority of my games into it, so I dont have to lug games around.

    If anybody enjoys these pics, give a like, and if there are a bunch of likes, I will post some more. If nobody cares, I won't post anymore.

    SparerToaster, that looks like a nice clean console. And Shinobi was my first genesis game ever! Post some more pics of your stuff up please! If you didnt notice, I love gaming (although spend more time acquiring them, cleaning, and storing them, rather than playing them)

    Lol, well, how I can afford them... I work smart and work hard.
    And on that note, I will say this... Those of you still in school, learn gosh darn it! You all have a perfect opportunity to grow, learn, and better yourselves. A lot of you know you can do better, but do not! Do not waste your potential. Forge yourself into being able to do the work you need to, and managing any 'fun' time.

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  14. Cool. I'll take a couple(well, many:p) pics in the next few days and see if I can get to post them.
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  15. Ha, there is no surrender. All of your base are belong to us.
    I was sharing for the people who love gaming. So no face rubbing, just pics of great (especially 'retro') hardware and games. I've spent loads of hours doing this for many years. I have not ever shared any pics of the stuff I have elsewhere. I have often thought of getting all my stuff together to try and get it in one pic, but has so far been proven to be really hard to actually do.
    But now in my arsenal, I have an oscilloscope, so can work further on some of the hardware that has proven to be challenging for a multimeter by itself. (got an original psone slim that needs attention) For original hardware in great shape, I keep it as is. For the stuff that is damaged, I do love to mod things.

    Ya 607, post up pics! I have noticed to be sure and take pics under 1mb. I have used my older digital cam and cropped to reduce size.

    More genesis, thought i posted this before. Some of my favorites. The Immortal, Aladdin, Smash TV, Pitfall, Ren and Stimpy. Dont have a pic of the earl and joejams tho.

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  16. My current list of games and consoles:
    PS3 - Mortal Kombat vs DC, Mortal Kombat, Fifa 07-14, Little Big World, Modern Warfare 2

    XBOX 360 with Kinect - Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2, Black Ops

    Wii -
    Wii U -

    Gameboy Advance -

    Gameboy Colour - Pokemon Gold, Mario Golf, Mega Man 5,
    Gameboy Advance SP - Pokemon DarkCry, Quartz, ShinyGold, Emerald, Sapphire, Crystal and Chaos Black

    PSP -
    PS Vita -

    Nintendo DS lite -Cooking Mama
    Nintendo 3DS XL - Animal Crossing, Pokemon X and Y

    Will go through all my games tomorrow, that's all I can remember for now. Time to sleep :p

  17. Haha, hundreds of video games. But you have also one book :) I can see it in the first pic (HPIM1779.jpg), hehe...
  18. Ha, good catch. I tried editing anything else out that was not game related.
    If u zoom in, you will see that is one of my many legal reference books. That one specifically deals with civil actions and jurisprudence. Books go elsewhere, not with the video games! (My literature is pretty boring stuff)
    But here are some books in with the games.

    Good thing you did not look in the background of picture 3466!

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  19. I would, but that's literally my entire collection. I don't have much money to continue building up, since 15 is too young to get a job in my area. So instead I just took some more detailed pictures of a couple things.
    This Gameboy is what started my collection, it's pretty nice but the screen gets all linely. I might go and try to fix that...
    This game has a story behind it, actually. It was packed in with the Genesis I got and I couldn't get it to play no matter what I tried. Eventually I decided to clean it with a q-tip dabbed in rubbing alcohol and out came clumps of dust the size of raisins.

    The previous owner of this console scrawled their name on... I intended to replace the controllers with the six button ones at least.
  20. Nice, If you ever need any tips about cleaning, preserving, opening, things not working, etc... hit me up. Even for sticker/label removing (without damaging the original labels). Worst ones are any blockbuster stickers or tags. I have had almost no success ever removing those without damage. Any other stickers or labels, usually no problems with something called un-du and a blow dryer. (do not use that orange smelling goo-gone, or similar as those kind both stains and ruins labels.)

    Sharpies are horrible, as it stains deep down into the plastic, so for permanent marker, you will typically not have much luck. Fortunately, there are things called 'sports carts' that you can purchase for a quarter all day long, and transfer labels between a damaged cart, and a nicer looking one (using the combo blowdryer and then the un-du)

    +1 for q-tip with rubbing alcohol across those contacts. Thats the way I do most of mine too. Those strips can corrode, and get funky! Do it regardless of whether it needs it. That junk corrodes the contacts (gameboy carts too).

    If you are good at dis-assembly (tons of guides online) its most likely the ribbon cable in the gameboy that connects the LCD to the main board. If you have never taken anything apart, get some practice on junk first. Ribbon cables need finesse, and if you botch it, you will be looking at one massive solder job (or scrapping it).

    If you plan on collecting carts and different systems, spend 5 or 10 bucks and get the proper tools to open carts up. Carts with the internal battery memory backup can leak and kill the game. (or not let you do the save game anymore). They sell bits for cheap on ebay, for the nes, gameboy, genesis cart opener. I will take a pic and post it tonight of mine.

    Also, the 6 button controllers are pretty cheap also. Looks like you need to clean that controller as the previous owner left some of their **grossness** in that screw hole.

    Hey, and just because you are young, does not mean that you cannot make money. I had my first job at 13, working for cash under the table! Made myself a whopping 3 dollars per hour. But the knowledge gained from that job superseded any financial incentive I had to be there.

    Use craigslist, go to the thrift shop, garage sales, etc. See what you can buy and sell and buy broken stuff to fix and sell for a profit. Always give a fair deal, do not be a scammer, and be honest, and you will do very well.