Any car lovers out there?

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Which car for you prefer?

Mustang 9 vote(s) 60.0%
Comaro 3 vote(s) 20.0%
Corvette 5 vote(s) 33.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello everyone I wanted to ask if anyone is into cars like me if you leave a comment say your favorite car company.
  2. I guess I'd post on here. Ferrari has always been a long time favorite of mine. What drew me to like Ferrari was how their vehicles are always so fancy, yet fast and hard to control. The only downside of Ferrari is their cars being horribly hard to control in the winter. Audi though would also have to be my second favorite. My dad owns an Audi S4, supercharged and all. Audi's tend to be really easy to control during winter, and some Audi's even include a control system, where it will pretty much correct itself if it slides. My goal in the future is to get an Audi S4 too, it truly is an amazing, fancy, easy to control, and fast car.


    Favorite car companies:


    Nuff' said.
  3. Mine is the Ford Mustang as you can tell it's the car that got me looking at cars it started when my dad bought a Mustang Cobra I liked the fact that he had the best type there was so then it escalated from there.
  4. I've seen a Ferrari in person before sure it's an 80's one but it looked like it just came from the factory.
  5. Corvettes are fabulous.

    'Nuff said.
  6. Cadden so you were the one who voted Corvette.
  7. The voting Question was supposed to say "Which car would you prefer?" I don't know why it says for I am on my phone must be an auto correct.
  8. To those of you that vote for the Ford Mustang in the question above you guys really know what's right.
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  9. My companies are all subsidies of Ford, Volkswagen (Audi, Lamborghini, ETC. Yes Porche counts), And Honda, mostly for their bikes though ;)
  10. *drives a '96 mustang basic V-6
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  11. Get your own catchphrase, mine is 'Nuff said.

    'Nuff said.
  12. *drives a 10-speed bike*
    *vroom* *vroom*
  13. Nice! Someone on my street has an older style Mustang. I don't know what year it is, but it kind of looks like a Fastback.
  14. Well, I really like the older Volvos, and some other oldies. But I don't really like the look of most cars made after 1990. They may of course drive better than old cars though.
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  15. My dad drives a 2001 Mustang Cobra.
  16. I love cars! My, am I glad that I seen this thread... :rolleyes: My favourite is the Audi Ur quattro, pure perfection, here's a photo I've taken of one:
  17. mustanglover25: Any car lovers out there?
  18. This sums everything up perfectly! :cool:
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  19. Really hashhog?
  20. It was made even better by the fact that you ninja'd me even as I posted that. :p

    Sorry, was just making a little joke because FDNY21 love cars beyond belief. :p He has a thread with some extremely nice pictures he took/edited of some cars, actually.

    Anyway, as for my own preferences, I have never been a big car guy, but I'm fond of the look of the Lamborghini. :p However, as big fan of saving both gas and the environment, I personally love electric cars (e.g. the Tesla), though I think they look nice as well, besides being highly practical.
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