Any car lovers out there?

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Which car for you prefer?

Mustang 9 vote(s) 60.0%
Comaro 3 vote(s) 20.0%
Corvette 5 vote(s) 33.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.

  1. Buses it seems.

    >TFW no car
    >TFW no money for car
    >TFW don't even have a learners at 16
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  2. LOL!!!!!
  3. I posted pictures of me IRL next to a McLaren in the show yourself thread I will post the link but just to let you guys know I forgot to comb my hair that morning so don't ask.
  4. OK but there is another link you have to click and that link will show you the pics.
  5. Please try not to do quadruple posts like this :p Though you seem to be having trouble getting the images, I'll paste them down here for you in a spoiler (just click it to open it):

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  6. You only put 2 pics I have 3.
  7. I have a little childish fanboy on Lamborghini, so my favourite car is the sesto elemento.
    pics included in spoiler (heh the puns)

  8. Currently I drive a baby blue 2003 BMW 525i. It's only got 40k miles on it so it still runs like a dream but I've considered painting it multiple times because I get very conflicted looks rolling down the street with bass turned all the way up.

    Unfortunately Camaros were kind of ruined in the public eye by Michael Bay (they made FOUR entire movies! FOUR!) but I've always had a fascination for them, especially the older ones that came out as an answer to the Mustang.

  9. Yeah good luck on getting that car only 3 even exist in the entire world my fav would have to be the Mustang from the movie Need For Speed it is Caroll Shelby's personal drive and is the fastest Mustang in the world.
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  10. I only put the two clear ones up because the other one had odd lighting.
  11. Yes it's this great thing called the sun.
  12. I know... That's why there was odd lighting and consequently why I didn't add the image...
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  13. I love cars, a lot. This isn't an old car, but I love the new Ferrari LaFerrari :p
  14. My favourite car has always been the Ford Mustang! :) m5lp_0503w_20z+Ford_Mustang_Shelby_Cobra_GT500+Parked_With_Old_Shelby.jpg
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  15. Shoutout to all the cars for keeping me off the streets...
    I prefer ford, mostly because I grew up in a family which also prefers Ford :p
    and yes, mustangs are awesome :cool:
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