any 1 else see this new game?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Michael_Nolan, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. its not out yet, and may never be but i love the concept.
    it looks awesome! called the universe project.
  2. That sounds interesting...
  3. really hope it gets made.
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  4. OMG, I am now on the list!
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  5. That sounds like an awesome game, but what would happen if hardcore gamers just played that all day non stop and completely forget that they are in reality?
  6. Looks cool!
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  7. ever watch the anime SAO?
  8. Someone tell volt. We should start planning an EMC clan:p
  9. I agree with ^^^^^
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  10. No, I don't really watch anime. Is there someone in it that behaves like that?
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  11. its an online video game world where they put on gaming head pieces and cant leave and they live in that world for more then 2 years.
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  12. :eek:
    That sounds amazing!
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  13. Lol. That would be cool having a game that you put a helmet on and play, but I probably wouldn't want to be forced to live in it for 2 years.
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  14. i wouldnt mind :D although it had a bad part where if you died in the game you didnt comeback when the game was beat.
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  15. I've actually read a book series where the main character goes to a world where there are people that were put into their own realities and if they died in them they were dead in both of them. I think it was called Pendragon or something.
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  16. sounds good :D
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  17. This sounds like it will either be abandoned or poorly made.

    We don't even know the scope of the universe.. how could we possibly simulate it?
    Further, who has 4-5,000 years to make a steam engine?
  18. dont be a downer :D i can dream cant i?
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  19. ...SAO is alot like the Matrix xD...
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  20. Yeah I was right. It's the fourth book. The main bad guy made it so that if people died in the realities they would die in real life. They had to find the guy that made the system in order to fix it.

    Edit: Wow I can't believe I forgot about the Matrix.
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