Answer above question! The Sequel.

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  1. Teh sequel and worst sequal of all timee.
    old thread
    Here how it goes.
    I ask a question for the below poster, you answer the question and you (below poster) make a question that's gonna be answered by the person who's below your post.


    A.Do you love milk?
    B.Ya, i luv milk. Do you like chocolate?
    C.Ya, i luv chocolate. Do you luv rats?
    D.No, i hate rats.

    I will start:
    Do you hate milk?
    (You answer this question and then make your own question)
  2. Dislike plain milk, add it to cereal or milkshake... And I'll happily drink it :3

    Do you wanna build a snowman?
  3. Yes.

    Will you marry me?
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  4. SEPTHEKID will

    Will you kill me?
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  5. SEPTHEKID will

    Will you get me a drink?
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  6. Yes

    What drink would you like to have right now?
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  7. Not liquid poop

    Whats 9+10?
  8. 19
    what is the square √ of 100?
  9. 19

    Do you still believe in this next generation of kids?
  10. With your math skills? No. :p

    How many potatoes can you fit in your mouth?
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  11. I don't know nor do I want to find out

    Who is RTardo?
  12. if you add an e to r(here)tardo, in spanish means delay or a bad word

    Do you like bananas?
  13. Pascal is one and pascal is a boy so no? but I love peeling them.

    Trains are pretty cool.. What do you think?
  14. I luv trains!!!

    Do you like going on adventures?
  15. NO WAY BRA

    What yo all 'bout?
  16. EDIT: Ninja'd

    What's the best flavor of cake (there is a right answer)?
  17. I like the taste of a lie cake

    What do you shake off?
  18. Taylor Swift

    Want to hear my Lady Gaga song jokes?
  19. yeah why not?

    what jokes do you know about Lady Gaga songs?
  20. How do you make Lady Gaga angry? Poke her face.

    Do you know any Lady Gaga song jokes?
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