Answer above post question!

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  1. Here how it goes.
    I ask a question for the below poster, you answer the question and you (below poster) make a question that's gonna be answered by the person who's below your post.


    A.Do you love milk?
    B.Ya, i luv milk. Do you like chocolate?
    C.Ya, i luv chocolate. Do you luv rats?
    D.No, i hate rats.

    I will start:
    Do you love milk?
    (You answer this question and then make your own question)
  2. I love milk.
    Is the cake a lie?
  3. Of course.
    Is this server a lie?
  4. No
    Do you like fried chicken?
  5. Nope its EMC!
    AM I SCARY!?
  6. No, just bloody.

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  7. I say "Poh-tah-toe"
    How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?
  8. No one answered mine....
  9. 42.
    Did you also know that?
  10. Not at all.
    Can you answer AmusedStew question?
  11. No I can't.

    Do you like lego?
  12. Loooooong time ago.
    I was a fan of Bionicle.

    What do you prefer, pizza or burger?
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  13. Both!!!
    What noise does a rabbit make?
  14. A snickety noise.
    Why purple?
  15. Why not?

    On a scale of 1 to 5, how many times does red and blue potato?
  16. 3
    Why go milk?
  17. I dunno.

    You likes teh pigs?
  18. Yes I do, especially when used in logos. ;)

    Do you like yellow?
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  19. Yeh, I also Red It was a bright colour :3

    Can you do the harlem shake?
  20. No.
    Do you like zombies?