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  1. This thread is shut down for a bit, should be back by December 1st :)

    Something you might point out, is that the prices are a bit high in this. Just read the first few pages and you'll see how quickly me and ninja get work done. As of now, all orders up to Alexchances have been completed, in just 1 day of work :) We don't strive to have the lowest prices, because anyone can make their prices the same as ours. We simply strive to get the order done as quickly as possible. Our prices may deter a few players away, but that's nothing to be upset over. That just means your order is always important to us because we don't have hoards of customers :D

    Please do not spam with 'omg these prices are 2 high' they not only spam this thread, but possibly discourage other players from buying here. In general, the prices we have are hardly over market price, and if something is extremely expensive, me and ninja will eventually decide to change it without someone else telling us so.

    Once you order an item, it is your responsibility to pay for it. I will not tolerate a large order and just allow someone to cancel, you are responsible for your order as soon as I accept it. If you change your mind, you should make it clear before I message you saying I have started.

    If for whatever reason you DO have to cancel, please tell me as soon as possible. It won't be the end of my world or yours, above is just something to keep as a courtesy :)

    Prices change, it is up to YOU to fill in a correct price as of your post. The reason we change prices around, is that I seem to listen when people complain, and ninjaboy uses common sense and puts a value to our work.


    Item:What you're buying

    Amount:Number of Stack or Double Chest [DOUBLE CHEST NOT AVAILABLE FOR SOME ITEMS]

    Price:Just so you understand what you're paying

    Deadline:If I find this extremely unreasonable, I will ask if another deadline is acceptable

    Just click the words 'Items for sale' to see the items we sell at the moment :)

    Gold-Up to 10 stacks-900r per stack

    Lapis items-Up to 27 stacks-256r per stack

    Glass-Up to 108 stacks-110r per stack

    Redstone Dust-Up to 27 stacks-192 per stack

    Stone-Up to 108 stacks-60r per stack

    Sugar Cane-Up to 108 stacks-64r per stack

    Emeralds-Up to 10 stacks-1,920r per stack

    LOOTING III ENCHANTED BOOK-Up to 54 books-1,600r per book

    Quartz Blocks-Up to 25 stacks-1500r per stack

    Nether Brick Blocks-Up to 108 stacks-90r per stack

    Snow Blocks-Up to 54 stacks-256r per stack

    If you feel I should add items to this list, just please suggest it! I'll be adding items randomly.

    If you order, the chest will be at 4299 after you pay and I confirm that the item is there. You can pay after I reply to your post and say 'YOUR ORDER IS DONE' I will be saying 'ORDER ACCEPTED' if I... accept your order :)

    If I've forgotten anything, then the universe is the same. Please point it out and I'll be very grateful :)

    Rupees Earned: 74,104 as of end of first day (split evenly between kevdudeman and ninjaboy)
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  2. Items: DC of sandstone, 4 stacks of nether brick, 2 stacks of gold.
    Price: 9,600r
    Deadline: august 5th

    Thanks! :)
  3. auctually cancel my order the prices are quite steep. sorry ill check back another time. cancel my order please. thanks an sorry
  4. 10 stacks of quartz blocks
    No deadline
  5. Since nobody actually said what was high, I just lowered everything a small amount.
    Order accepted. Due to price lowering your new price is only 11,500 :)
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  6. This is gonna sound dumb, but how do you do the Items for sale thing minimized??
    And my post is deleted.
  7. It's a site code. I hope you change your mind and decide to buy here :)
    [spoiler="Items For Sale"]put items here[/spoiler]
  8. My post was also deleted :)
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  9. It is a little steep the prices if I have to say.
  10. Your order is ready, please pay me 11500 and I will set up an access chest at 4299
    Thanks for the opinion, I've lowered everything again.
  11. Paid!!!!

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  12. Just a note, ninjaboy5656 has joined the team so some items are now able to be purchased in larger amounts, and service will be going very quickly with two people :)
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  13. 5 stacks of diamond and 10 stacks of quartz
    That's 15,000 + 11500 = 26,500r :)
  14. Order accepted :)
  15. Item: Quartz Blocks
    Amount: 20 Stacks
    Price: 23,000r
    Deadline: None
  16. Order accepted, should be done within 24 hours
  17. Item: Netherbrick Block
    Amount:54 Stacks
    Deadline: ASAP
  18. Order accepted and completed, please pay and an access chest will be set up at 4299 :)
  19. Item:Stone
    Amount:54 stacks
  20. Order accepted, it will be done within 24 hours.