Another lie has been told..

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  1. Some of you might know today is my birthday. I've been asked this a lot and I decided I'd make a thread.
    I'm 13

    That's the last lie I've told on EMC. Sorry :\
  2. Well. I've been wondering about this for a long time... (Ever since we first skyped). Nice to see some confirmation.
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  3. I actually am kind of glad, now I don't feel so bad about being young on EMC. :p
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  4. Meh. I knew you were young,
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  5. I'm actually 12.
  6. I swear you were 15....
  7. Glad you confessed. Things are always best when you tell the truth :)
  8. I'm 6
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  9. I don't care about your ages
  10. I'm 14, but I'm 15 on May 1st

    Also happy (late) birthday.
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  11. I also dont care
  12. Si vos hoc legere potestis, scite me septendecim annos natum esse.

    In other words, I'm seventeen.
  13. Dat language, doe.
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  14. did I start


    Just kidding. I really don't care. Don't let a number justify you, maturity is what determines someone.
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