[Animation] What if the EMC Staff...

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  1. What if the EMC Staff....

    Almost 2 years ago, I made a series. The basic idea around it was that it would be what could possibly happen if our wonderful staff turned evil. However it crashed and slowly died. So I remade it, but unfortunately that died as well. Mostly from lack of ideas, partly because of lack of motivation and time.
    I decided to leave it for a while, as it wasn't really what everyone expected it to be.
    But hopefully I can solve some of the problems with this version.

    I would officially call this "What if the EMC Staff were evil?" again, but I don't know whether that name fits what this is going to be. It's going to be more of a silly, less serious thing than before. Which is going to keep me, and hopefully everyone else giggling :p


    My 3DS is currently broken! No updates for a while!
  2. The Grand To Do List:

    Low Priority / Medium Priority / High Priority

    Art/Prettying the thread up:
    - Draw staff
    - Get dividers
    - Sort colours
    - Storyboard

    - Type up all posts
  3. Staff notes:

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  4. staff 2
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  5. animations and drawings
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  6. Rules of the thread:

    - You know the basics, follow EMC rules
    - Don't request staff! I only do ones I have ideas for (See below)
    - Be polite to everyone, respect decisions and opinions of others
    - Criticism is always wanted, but don't be rude about it

    How to Suggest:
    I don't accept suggestions for: Artists, animators, thread colour/divider changes, staff looks
    I do accept: Anything that isn't on the list!
    I'm actively looking for: Ideas for staff that aren't already in

    If you're suggesting something, make sure it's detailed enough!

    And last but definitely not least, PM me all suggestions
    I might miss your suggestion if you post it here, but there's no way for me to miss it in PM


    Have an issue with something on the thread? PM me!
    I'll be happy to talk to anyone about it
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  7. Notes and references:
    Kryssy - reserved -
    Jack - speech - colours -

    This is going to take forever to type up
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  8. I knew it. I knew it! :D
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  9. Bump before I go on a drawing spree to sleep
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  10. flashback alert!
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  11. Bump

    Progress is being made
    Trying to note all the posts, but Im focusing more on art for now
    Kryssy and Jack both sketched, many other arty ideas for the other staff, but I don't have the tiime
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  12. This sounds very interesting. This thread has now been watched.
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  13. i don't totally get it
    but i like it :D
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  14. It would make sense if you saw the older threads, but they're buried now, and I dont plan to ever uncover them :p
    I think you'll understand more after I add a few more things :p
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  15. I'd like to say I'm already evil, and many an SMP2'er and indeed the other staff will be able to back this up with many a fantastical story of torture >:D
    Also I'm at war with the duck, socks, and now the krysyy/chin team... keep on a lookout for my clones ':confused:
  16. I have the posts organized nicely if you EVER do want to uncover them :p
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  17. Update:
    Unfortunately, not much progress has been made. I have several storys and animations all planned, but I haven't had time to draw them up
    Im hoping to get some progress done tomorrow, or later today. I plan to have at least 3 staff bios and pictures finished by Tuesday
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  18. My well meant suggestion: take your time and don't let anyone talk you into pushing your schedule ahead of your own plans / intended time. This is about your project, not ours.

    I have to admit though that you most certainly picked a good subject. Even without knowing anything about this (didn't knew you did this before) the subject alone (saw it in the 'whats new' list) already made me grin ;)

    I'm sooo keeping my eyes on this :)

    But seriously: ignore all of us and just do what you think is right. No need to rush!
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  19. This sounds like a fun silly idea, I can't wait to see these! :3
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