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  1. Hi gang!

    So during the past weeks I also took some DVDs with me to watch on my laptop and I came across a classic which I watched with high anxiety during my teen years: Star Fleet. Its a puppet series slightly comparable to the Thunderbirds I guess. What really got me right from the start was the amazing sound track, the voice acting (I'll share an example) and the quality of the series in general. Even though you can easily see the limitations here and there due to the use of puppets.

    Opening sequence:

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    The year is 2999, the Earth (and our whole solar system) are recovering from the last spacewar when all of a sudden an alien battleship appears and destroys Pluto alpha base. They set course for Earth and introduce themselves as the Imperial Alliance. Their demand: hand over the F01 ("F zero one") and they will leave us in peace. Small problem: no one has any clue what F01 supposedly is, and these aliens don't appear to take no for an answer.

    As such the almost finished secret "X project" on moonbase is set into motion and the pride of the Earth launches to take on the aliens: X-Bomber.

    What I like so much about this series is that although it may look simple enough it actually touches some pretty strong and mature subjects. Nothing over the top, but still... And the voice acting is superb.

    Here is an example... During the reconstruction of Pluto alpha base several transport ships went missing. X-Bomber was sent out to escort the last convoy and they discovered an alien presence. Worse yet: they even discovered an alien base on Jupiter:

    Click here if the video doesn't play

    As to my example on voice acting: 9:40. Commander Makara learns of the destruction of their base and she's "not amused". I love how she almost spits out the order to retreat, you can almost feel her outrage.

    So yeah, truly a classic IMO and I'm pretty sure not too many people know about this.

    You got any good examples to add?
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  2. Not exactly a 'classic' but I watched Megas XLR when I was a kid. I miss stuff like that.