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  1. If you were walking down a street, and saw a kitten.. and this kitten then said 'Mam... I am King Kitten, ruler of the Infant Feline Race, grace me with your finest rendition of my self and my rule, or I will abolish you to a realm of hairballs and tiny painful scratches that never seem to heal'... what would your draw for him?
  2. What did you see when your eyes were opened?

    If you had to draw a picture of me, what would it look like?

    If you could draw a panel for Alex + Ada, what would that panel look like?

    What game were you just playing that crashed on you?

    Anatomically correct hands?
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  3. Tough follow up after ismoochs Q.

    What's one place in the world you wouldn't mind livin rest of your life.
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  4. Palm's or Sugar?
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  5. Attempt to draw this

    no srrs, i want to see an artist's rendition of my weirdness
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  6. It's like a tumblr ask blog, but not on tumblr.

    I don't want to waste your time with my trifling questions.
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  7. If that kit told me that, I would kill him. Problem solved
  8. When you hear your favorite song, what does it look like? :D
  9. What would you do if you made a time paradox?
  10. Draw your most favourite time in EMC you had with someone :)
  11. Art ahead :D
    Just wanted to show what I've got so far, I've been busy in real life and after the events of the previous weekend I didn't feel very inspired.

    My first thought was "Seriously? You're really asking me to do this? Okay >.>"
    Sorry about the face, but hey look it's you reading a comic in bed while you're eating brownies/chocolate:D

    I couldn't think of anything that wasn't too cliche :( If I do make a panel it would probably end up on deviantart and not here though :p


    (Is this what a multiverse looks like?)

    It's not really done yet, but I like it so far :D
    I don't have a favorite song btw, but I've been listening to this a lot so that's what it's based on:

    I couldn't really find a way to draw this, but I'd probably write down what I've learned in the process and hope someone awards me a Nobel Prize in the future :3
    This sounds familiar. :D
    Still working on this, it's hard, I have several favorite moments :p

    Also, here is a random drawing I made after Ismooch (and icc) left. I wasn't feeling really inspired. Not sure what to do with it so I'm just posting it here >.<
  12. So…hopefully you remember my excessive amounts of skins. Say they were all in a room of mirrors together. What would it look like?
    And what's your response to 42?
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  13. Would you come live with me in Vancouver?
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  14. I was looking for the words to really describe how that made me feel... and couldnt find any...

    *wipes eyes*


    What motivates you? When you wake up in the morning and HAVE to draw. No matter what else happens that day, no matter what time it is, it is the only thing you know your mind will make a requirement, is that drawing. What is the motivation?
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  15. Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years. Draw us the surroundings you imagine yourself in. :)
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  16. What is the one thing you value most in life?
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  17. i think kyle's hitting on palm
    bro if she came to vancouver she'd live with me
  18. i'd chose spaceship
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