Amplified Worlds...

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  1. These things are amazing...

  2. Yeah, they're fun playing on survival :D
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  3. Reminds me of the Wedge Mod that I used to play around with. It hasn't been updated since 1.2.5 sadly, but it made worlds a lot more crazy than this.
  4. I wish EMC made a special amplified world for players. But that would lag everything to the point of extinction
  5. if you have a Beast of a computer its fine, but for those who dont, i would feel sorry for.
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  6. It's still risky for the server.
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  7. I don't have a beast computer and I run it just fine.
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  8. My "beast" computer is relatively weak, and can handle shaders at 20-30 fps, but can easily handle amplified biomes
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  9. My computer isn't 'beast'. It can run most games fine, but it's not the best computer ever.
  10. I love amplified
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  11. Me too :D
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  12. Does anybody know where the name comes from though? I mean, does it actually mean anything?
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  13. Amplified: to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge; extend.

    It is pretty much a normal word. No special backstory it is just a word to describe the Amplified terrain.
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  14. It's like sky block in vanilla :D
  15. I could run it.... then I couldn't. My computer is emotional when it comes to running to Minecraft, sometimes it works.... other times.....
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  16. More like Skylands. If you don't know what they are, they were a type of world generation able to accessed through editing some stuff in .minecraft stuff introduced in Beta 1.7, and were planned for Beta 1.8. Then, in 1.8 Notch pushed them back until the Nether was more fun (apparently this was going to be a heaven of sorts) and in 1.9 the Skylands got turned into The End.

    If I remember correctly, Amplified has some code from Skylands, so it can spawn big floating islands :D
    My computer is like that with Skyrim.
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  17. Your Computer
    Yay! I am running this game pretty fast!
    But is it fast enough for owner?
    Am I not fast enough for my OWNER!?!
    I'll show you, you dumb owner *slows down*
    Heh heh. Wait, if I run to slow Owner will throw me out!
    No, Owner! Don't throw me out I am running as fast as I can!