Ammendment to Rules regarding spamming of chat

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  1. I was spoken to today by a senior staff for repeated disconnect / reconnect whilst hunting Enraged Mobs from a static point in the Wild.

    It was pointed out to me that this is a form of spam due to the repeated messages it creates for others showing you are connected, disconnected, etc which I hadn't realised. I personally don't have this problem as I have my own chat notifications turned off, but it had never struck me how it might look on another players screen.

    Can this please be written down somewhere in the spam rules bit in fairness to the Player? I've had a look and there's nothing currently. I have added in bold my suggestion. I don't have a problem with this ruling, but it's always good practice to have it stated somewhere as it removes that excuse of: "I didn't know."

    4. Obey The Chat Rules / Do Not Be a Pain in Chat
    • Do not spam, this includes repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting to generate new mob spawns as this floods other players screens with notifications
    • Only advertise your shop when necessary. Do not randomly advertise for no reason.
    • TaLkInG LiKe ThIs is also considered to be spam.
    • While a player spamming in capital letters disrupts Chat, 15 players saying "Caps" or "Spam" at once is more disruptive. If you see that someone has already highlighted the mistake there is no need for you to add your voice too.
    • Yelling in all caps is spamming.
    • Do not elongate words without cause. Example: "hhheeeeeeelllllooooooo"
    • Do not use over-the-top punctuation. Example: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    • Do not be rude.
    • Do not beg players or staff for items, Rupees, residence perms and attention. This includes asking for donations.
    • Be respectful towards everyone, no matter what religion, gender or other belief that they hold.
    • Do not advertise other servers.

    P.S - Also misspelled amendment but can't change it. Doh. :)
  2. For your interest, it looks like this :p:

    But I didn't really mind though, there isn't a lot going on in town anyways.
  3. Well, now I know. :D

    If it's any consolation, I got three Fragments from all that. :p

    I apologise for cluttering your screen up.
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  4. I do alot of server hopping looking for cheap items, a way to temporarily turn of the message that you have connected/disconnected in chat would be useful. If you know that you are going to disconnect many times or go back and forth between 2 servers you could do a command to eliminate these messages to other players so chat is not filled but people can continue to takes their business across multiple smps.
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  5. Good job, and it's okay. Apology accepted. :p
  6. It would be a really cool feature if this happened:
    Kilmannan has disconnected and reconnected x1,x2,x3,x4 etc.
  7. On smp6 all teh noobs :(
  8. Oops. :p I didn't use this for hunting... yet. Maybe I should find an empty server if I plan on doing this. XD
  9. You could probably get around the messages if you use /server to switch to another smp then back, Kilmannan. I am always getting errors when I do it, but maybe you will have better results than I have.

    I have complained before about the same thing, but in my case I had been watching a player named THUMASS log in and out constantly for days and the name had become offensive to me. Not everyone can help connecting and disconnecting. The Empire is intentionally setup a way that actually encourages us to change servers for various reasons so I see people doing this all the time and don't fault anyone for doing it.

    Maybe if fragments weren't intentionally designed to be such a mind numbing grind or weren't the end game to Wild Protections you wouldn't feel the need to refresh Entcount by logging in and out.

    I don't see why we have connect/disconnect messages anyway. Why not remove those and save some Chat bandwidth?
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  10. Pretty much nail on the head there. It's a complete grind, something that MC has plenty of already in it's own special way. Now however, we've introduced something that's designed purely to slow down the rate of progress.

    Although after Aikar's announcement on future plans, I suspect it will be far more complex to claim land than we'd first imagined. I'm concerned that land claiming will be out of reach of the majority of the playerbase if this is what it's shaping up like so far in in terms of what you need to do to get to the end result.
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