amatist giode inprovement sugestion / locking sugestion

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  1. basicly im making a farm basicly digging out a giode and filling it uo with water and a condute but the problem im having is i want to lock the giode blocks like 30 so i cant possible break them shut ther for exsample be custom prices for waht u are locking since its getting prety exspensife
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  2. This is available indirectly if a player has alts. Give that account the money. That account uses lock signs, and have no friendship connection or vouch for that player. Problem solved.
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  3. alternate suggestion:

    alt player puts up torches, ladders, or signs onto the budding blocks.
    deny other players block break perms on that server with /f block break (double check me there) and done on the cheap
  4. That would be inconvenient for players sharing an outpost, and you can already lock monster spawners fully. That's why I already suggested this in the past.
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  5. edit: just noticed I missed this… the suggestion is to allow for such mechanic in buds, as it is not possible atm

    Amethyst Spawners aka budding amethyst are not obtainable by any means, thus they are not able to be grief protected. I expect this to be a lesser issue when Landclaiming comes, but as it stands a griefer can simply walk in and destroy your spawner (budding amethyst).

    I would also argue it helps with Play your way, as it is relatively easy to miss aim the crystal that grows out and kill the budding/spawner block forever in regular gameplay. Adding the lock/protect feature, would make it easier to get amethyst compared to what Mojang intended, but similar in relative comparison to other play your way mechanics in EMC.
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  6. ive heard the “play your way” philosophy is dead
  7. If that is the case, unfortunate, since PYW is one of the more developed items in EMC and imo of the key factors to let it last this long even with a reduced player population. Especially since it goes hand in hand with the family aspect of EMC.

    but anyways, to not distract thread topic, it is a +1 for me as I’ve seen it also available in other servers. (not that its presence in other servers is an argument for any feature, but rather the convenience of it I’ve gotten accustomed to.)
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  8. seems greedy if you ask me. -1
    edit: to expand on this, hoarding a specific item like amethyst buds is kinda scummy, i feel like this in the frontier for private outpost farms would be very smart, however this in the wastelands is about as dumb as smoking at a gas station. the wastes are for the entire server, and by that logic, the buds should be for everyone. however if its possible, it could be just something that cant be broken (like trying to break blocks in adventure mode, or bedrock) but i'm not 100% sure if something like that can work on this server. )

    Overall, not a bad idea, but expanding on the base would be helpful for future suggestions.
  9. Placing a protected block (torch/ladder/sign/ ::gravity dependent block) on any side of a budding block will render that budding block protected in the waste or the wild. These are auto-protecting blocks and placing them will work -- unless before placing these blocks you have enabled /npmode for either world: the waste or the frontier wild.

    I have made geode farms before. This method works. And it allows other players to harvest the crystals grown from that budding block, but not to destroy the budding block. So this isn't hoarding a resource, this is protecting that resource.
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