[SUGGESTION] Ability to Lock Budding Amethyst

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What do you think?

Yea 6 vote(s) 37.5%
Nay 3 vote(s) 18.8%
Unsure 1 vote(s) 6.3%
Wastelands only, not Frontier 1 vote(s) 6.3%
Frontier only, not Wastelands 5 vote(s) 31.3%
  1. Budding amethyst is the block that grows amethyst buds, just FYI. https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Budding_Amethyst

    If you break them, even with a Silk Touch iron, diamond or netherite pickaxe, they'll be gone forever. This means you can't just use Silk Touch then /buildmode them.

    I normally wouldn't suggest locking an item. However, budding amethyst is very different. They're non-renewable, quite rare and generated in groups. Unlike mob spawners, you can't just leave them alone to farm amethyst - there's always a risk that you'll accidentally break one.

    Naturally, locking budding amethyst would still come with its drawbacks; I thought hard about this before suggesting it. Even I don't want something too overpowered. For one, locks cost 1,000 rupees each, and you have to remove them within 5 minutes for a full refund; you'll only get half after that. Locking an entire amethyst geode's worth of budding amethyst isn't something that most players would be able to afford flippantly. Second, you'll still have to remove the locks manually before a wastelands reset if you want any refund, find a new geode after the reset and pay the full price of locking yet again. Last but not least, placing anything on any side of a budding amethyst will prevent a bud from growing on that side, so locking an amethyst farm's producers would significantly decrease the production potential.

    On the plus side, even these hindrances could be worthwhile for outposts like the Minecraft Paradise and many smaller outposts that have mostly or entirely old surface terrain, as amethyst geodes will only generate in the deepslate layer if the terrain above Y=0 generated before 1.17; this makes them even rarer than normal in most old and/or major outposts. It'd also give a kind, wealthy player the opportunity to lock a geode in the wastelands to help new players while preventing someone from sabotaging the geode (whether out of malice or ignorance). Still, in either case, locking an entire geode's worth of the things would be no expense to take lightly, and it would hinder the growth of crystals.

    What do you think?
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  2. Locking budding amethyst? Uhm, difficult question. Good idea but it might not work in the waste. Probably frontier, however I don't see much of a use to locking a budding amethyst as other players might want to use it. Let alone be able to find one, after the 1.17 update I don't think the frontier changed very much. That being said are you asking the moderator or developer or are you just getting a general vote from the players. I don't know but I think you should have 2 votes! One for locking budding amethyst in waste and locking buddying amethyst in the frontier.
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  3. I did leave "wastelands only" and "frontier only" options, too. I also agree that it'd be more practical in the frontier. Last but not least, it's not the buds that would be locked for no one to harvest; it's the budding blocks that grow the buds that'd be locked so that no one else could destroy the budding blocks accidentally, out of ignorance or out of malice. I'm sorry that I wasn't clear! I even linked to the Minecraft wiki page for budding amethyst, hoping it'd provide some clarity.

    When I suggest something, I seriously leave it for the staff to decide. However, I also seek community input so that they can decide not to do something they may otherwise agree to if it's overwhelmingly unpopular.
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  4. Locking them in the Waste or the Frontier Wild works just fine. I have done it several times:
    Torches, ladders, signs, carpets, buttons and levers are all auto-protected blocks.

    When you clear the geode, just place one item on a side. Locks it for other players. Leaves 5 sides to grow crystals.
    Be smart and think about which side you leave blocked.

  5. Incorrect.
    World generation changed so that all old worlds would add deepslate at bedrock and lower if there were certain conditions met. If there were still blocks covering bedrock, then Boom! You got deepslate. And it was/is being generated on a chunk by chunk basis. You can still visit older areas and get hit with the generation lag, even now.
    Our very old Frontier Wild has some new blocks in it. But those are still non-renewable (unless Mojang...??)
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  6. That is true. However, it won't work to prevent someone on your friends list from breaking them, unless you disable them breaking all of your other blocks as well. Locking could solve that for something unique, with the drawback that locking an entire geode would come with significant expense for whoever's doing it (making it a much bigger tradeoff than locking a single mob spawner would be).
  7. The same way one can lock spawners in the waste or frontier worlds right now, it does seem fitting for budding amethyst to mirror the mechanic
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  8. I didn't know that you could lock spawners!
  9. Yes, your friends list could break the protected blocks.
    -use an alt
    -ask someone else to replace torches
    -maybe a mod? (If they are allowed to tp in and do that)

    This is something that comes up a lot when making public farms. You just have to plan around it. Not denying that an affordable lock sign especially for geodes wouldn't be really nice... But on the flip side, are there any other blocks that require similar protections. Or worse, are there any blocks that should be exempt from being locked?

    I would vote that spawners cannot be destroyed, as you get nothing from them on EMC. At the very least, a pop up asking if you are sure you want it destroyed. Enough of them are destroyed on accident to warrant consideration. Perhaps treating spawners like bedrock, in that you can ask staff for removal if it's in the way. Otherwise, lit with a couple torches and they are rendered safe.

    There is already precedence for this idea on EMC:
    Loot chests cannot be destroyed, cannot be locked, and if blocked by protected blocks can be reported. They are meant to be used by all players, just once, to have a chance at exploring for treasure loots. They won't refill per player again, so they cannot be farmed.
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  10. This is unrelated to the suggestion, but just to make sure I'm understanding your post correctly...

    Mob spawners can already be locked within EMC. 99% sure that you can do so in /frontier and /waste, and 90% sure that you are required to delete the locked sign of the respective locked block, before removing the block itself, even if you are the owner of the lock sign.

    are you suggesting a separate change for spawners? to include an extra pop-up?
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  11. Yes.
    Spawners with at a minimum, a pop-up or even being made indestructible like loot chests. As part of the larger discussion as to protecting blocks, such as those related to budding amethyst.
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  12. this would be waste-only. you can remove them in the wild.
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  13. I'm still curious what more people have to say about this. We never seem to have had a clear consensus, based on the poll results.
  14. I think top and bottom = 8 votes and they both mean frontier should allow this and I agree
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  15. Nine votes if you count mine. I always vote "Yea" to my own ideas so it's closer to the true count (but also display votes publicly so people know I voted too).

    Anyways, I'm bumping this suggestion. Another player recently suggested the exact same thing, seemingly unaware that it was already suggested. (That player didn't vote in the poll; I checked.)
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  16. Hi Sleepy Bonnie over here. I quickly clicked yea, but intended to click only in Frontier. While it would be wonderful to have them in the waste as well, I think that would be too asking for too much. Since the wastes reset and we have the opportunity to gain new geodes.
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  17. Personally, I feel like we should be able to collect them with silktouch and buildmode them when we place them back. I've played on another Minecraft server that has that exact functionality.

    Of course, this will destroy the amethyst market. (If there is one on EMC. I haven't played for a long time, so I'm "out of the loop" on most stuff.)
  18. to me that would be the same as being able to pick up spawners.

    and I would not support it, it would be too much of a change from vanilla.
  19. I agree. You can lock spawners on EMC, but you can't pick them up. I favor locking budding amethyst but would absolutely oppose being able to pick them up!
  20. Bump!

    At this point, the narrow plurality seems to be "Frontier only, not wastelands" when you consider MissBonnieParker accidentally making the wrong vote. Nonetheless, Yea and Nay both have quite a few voters each too. The overall consensus at this point is almost certainly "Frontier only, not wastelands."

    Nonetheless, I'd still love to hear from developers about this suggestion and only want it implemented if the suggestion truly remains popular. This thread is still open, and I want to hear from even more of you!