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If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eye Joe

I'd been married long time ago 21 vote(s) 44.7%
Where did you come from? 17 vote(s) 36.2%
Where did you go? 17 vote(s) 36.2%
Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe? 15 vote(s) 31.9%
*crazy fiddle solo* 37 vote(s) 78.7%
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  1. Alright, gather 'round my fellow Empirians.

    Recently, I decided to /p myself, and realized that I am much closer to 1000 days than I expected. While I am planning a much larger celebration for my 3 year, I decided to have a little thing for my 1000th day as well. Also, I want people to ask me questions so that I can be in the spotlight. Don't judge me.

    So here's how this is gonna go down, you leave a comment, maybe ask a question, maybe not, whatever floats your boat, and you get a chance of winning money. Let me put this next part in bright bold so that everyone sees it.

    You do not have to pick a number, one will be assigned to you.

    Alrighty, now that that's out of the way, we shall get to the part that I knowfull well everyone came here for. You want my money. Well, BK provides. There will be several prizes.

    1. 100k
    2. 50k
    3. 25k
    4. A pat on the back
    5. My eternal respect for the day

    The prize drawings will be in 9 days, on October 17th (my 1000th day).

    Just a note, this is just a smaller giveaway in anticipation for my larger one, which will come sometime in January. Expect a more professional and nicer giveaway at that time.

    Alright, off you trot.
  2. Congratulations with your 1000 days :D

    EDIT: question: how much cookies are you able to eat, when you have got three trees in your hair.
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  3. Congrats!
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  4. Congrats on your 1000 days of getting me mixed up between you, lucky, and brenjone for some reason (maybe I'm dumb)

    my question for you is "who shot tupac?"
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  5. Congrats on 1000 days Bk

    Now i must ask u a Question
    Why u so R00d to me ?
    * points to signature *
  6. His cameraman. He was very active in the music video industry, and probably had many shots of him.
    Cuz you're an easy target. You don't insult back.
  7. Why are you a nub?
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  8. Doesn't mean u have to insult me in the first place .... u have no reason to be r00d anyway :cool:
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  9. Congrats!

    What made you first imprison the bird that is green, besides the obvious?
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  10. I want a pat on the back >:eek:
    So i guess you love burgerking and serve The King of Burgers faithfully, loyally, and with eternal respect for the rest of your life?
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  11. Congratulations on 1000 days on EMC! Time flies by, doesn't it? ;)

    - Why can't I think of a good question?
    - What's your home server? I can't really remember a time we're been online at the same time...
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  12. Because I am not a smart man.
    I needed a creature to sooth me to sleep with their song, and the cast of Glee wasn't available.
    Funny thing is, I actually hate Burger King. But sure, I shall serve the King of Burgers faithfully. :p
    -What kind of question is that? Try again with a good one.
    -SMP8. I jump around to other SMPs, but I guess we just don't really cross paths at all.
    *collective murmuring* yes, birb.
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  13. Congratulations sir! My question is, if electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
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  14. - Uhmmmmmm ughh ehhh hmmm uhhh... ...
    - Ahh okay, that server... (jk :p) I'm from SMP1, but I only really play at the weekends due to a lack of time. And, you live 6 hours in the past for me (I'm from Europe). Those two combined probably explain it.
    Now that you make me think about it, I really should visit SMP8 some time. :)
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  15. Most horrifying fox ever? I think so.
    I have so many questions, but I fear the answers.

    Also I care nothing for prizes, I'm just posting this because brrrrt.
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  16. It almost makes me want to endorse David Cameron's proposed law that legalises fox hunting...

    Yoghurt or yoghurt?
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  17. What is your favorite memory and least favorite memory on emc? :p
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  18. Do you prefer Shrek 1 or 2? (I left out 3 and 4 for obvious reasons)
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  19. Someone hijacked my thread. Ill give ya 3 guesses as to who it was, but the first 2 dont count.
    Best? Getting an SMP8 spawn res. No, its bot some deep emotional moment. I am as shallow as a kiddy pool.
    Worst? That time that Luckygreenbird HIJACKED MY GIVEAWAY THREAD. *deep breathe* OK, Im good.
    Shrek 1 is an inspiration, but Shrek 2 is literally my favorite movie of all time.