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  1. "My most used block is probably stained glass."

    IT SURE AS HECK IS! Ms. "I spent 70k on stained glass"
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  2. Free stuff and cakedays, woo! \o/
    38 please!
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  3. Well 48 i guess as #9 is taken.

    Congeatulayions on your special day and hope your event goes well. Also thanks to fuzzle for the book.

    And question for FM... do you like music... and if so which type/groups?

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  4. I LOVE music, and as cliche as it sounds, I like a lot of different music and I don't really have a type. A lot of the songs I listen to mainly because they sound epic when played through the sound system of my Tesla, and I don't really know what makes a song catchy for me, so... sorry for the sucky answer but there you have it.
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  5. I'll take 46 please

    What is the funniest thing that you have seen on EMC?
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  6. Nice... I am a car buff... so wondering what type of Tesla? My brother is a big fan of them.
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  7. Well, seeing as I live on SMP8, it is very hard to remember one specific moment that I could call the funniest... one memory I can recall was when I accidentally shot and killed Fuzz's cow for her sushi restaurant and we had a funeral for him and a few people showed up and then a thread was made as well.
    90D Model X :D
  8. I shall take 15...
    Favorite color? Favorite number? and why on each?
    ty for the giveaway!
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  9. Yaa AMA and congrats
    1. What's your favorite promo
    2. What's ur favorite game on the games server?
    #51 pls:)
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  10. My favorite color is turqoise/blue because... I guess it just is? I like the color on me I suppose??
    And my favorite number... umm 23? Because that's the number of the day my sister was born?
    I'm not very decisive lol. :p
    Favorite promo is probably the labor bench just because it's so useful and I don't have to make a bajillion random crafting tables...
    I haven't actually gotten on the game server yet other than for a little of the parkour, so I can't really say :/
  11. Congrats!
    What animal do you wish Minecraft had?
    3 please :)
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  12. Are you good at math?
    Do you love birds?

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  13. Ill take 25, Do you PvP?
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  14. I think it'd be cool if there were African-native animals or something like that to roam across the acacia/savannah biomes. Like elephants or something. Just a thought. :D
    I'm decent at math I suppose? And yes yes yes I LOOOOVE birds (and not just because you are one) but they've been one of my favorite animals for as long as I can remember and I have always wanted one, but I'm not really sure on how hard it would be to take care of one if I did. So yeah. I like birds.

    I PVP sometimes. I enjoy it, but I'm not very good at it and I normally end up demolished.

    Also, 9 days left (might extend the date some depending) and 39 more spots left.
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  15. number 42 please :D

    What is your favorite type of lotion/
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  16. I don't think I have ever been asked this question before, but uh, I guess the coconut oil kind from OBX that I use everyday?
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  17. I'll take #17 please :)
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  18. Buuuuuuump! Event time moved to 6:30pm EMC time :)